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Full Version: Trying to find a source..
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Dont know if this is exactly the right place to post this.. but, what the hell ><

Im trying to find a reliable source for purchasing the newer SR material on the west coast of canada ( B.C to be exact ). Most of the local hobby stores that used to carry the books have either gone the way of the dodo bird, or just dont carry them anymore.

Im preferably looking for a shop i can visit physically, though a great online source would be great if its within canada.

Ive got nothing against ordering out of the states, which ive done in the past, but sometimes the merchandise gets damaged en-route.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum..

Thanks in advance.

well I know some places in vancouver but if you live elsewhere you can try they ship to canada and are reasonably inexpensive
Thanks Odin,

what places do you know in Vancouver? I'm only about an hours drive away from theyre, at the other end of the Valley ( Abbotsford, Chilliwack area ).

Ive been looking for a good place to drop by and check out.

Any help is appreciated.
well "Golden Age collectable's"(I'm sure I misspelt it lol) at robson and granville used to have some newer books .The same was true of "the comic shop" on arbutus and fourth but I would suggest you phone them first. Also the comicshop is usually willing (at least it was)to order books for you if your willing to wait a bit , but considering it takes awhile to get there I'd suggest phoning both first and asking what they have in stock.
If you don't find a physical store, Le Valet D'Coeur here in Montreal will ship to you.
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