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Full Version: Recent info on Aztlan.
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I'm still in the process of catching up on my reading from a long haitus, and have just made it to SoNA. I was disappointed to see that there's not a chapter there dedicated to Aztlan, who I'm am currently thinking of using as a campain nemesis.

The most recent info that I have (other than a few blurbs in other books) is the Aztlan book itself which is several years out of date. I have all of the American releases, but many haven't been read in a while, or I have yet to get to them in my marathon reading sessions, so if someone could just point me in the right direction I'd be willing to do the leg work myself.
Corporate Download about Aztechnology, Year of the comet about Yucatan, with a light update in Dragons of the Sixth World with Hualpa, Pobre, and you're done.
Black Isis
Hrm, I don't have DotSW but I am curious about what's going on -- can someone fill me in on what was mentioned about Aztlan in DotSW (yes, yes, I'll get the book, but I can only afford so much at a time)?
Kanada Ten
Pobre and Hualpa are not the only two mentions in DotSW. The two siblings also get a spot in the Nest of Serpents section. Most of the imformation is about the Yucatan revolution and nature war.

Aztlan gets mentioned in Threats 2 as well under the New Templars.
So, some how, Texans are still letting Aztlan sit on half of their state?
Does anyone who writes for SR know anyone from Texas? They are annoyingly proud of being Texans, and there is no way in hell that Aztlan would sit for more than a couple of months in Austin. The Texans would nuke themselves to kick Aztlan out. They'd join up with the CSA, the UCAS, the Pueblo Nation, or whoever they had to.
Sorry, I have a much harder time getting my head around Texans letting some one else take over THE ALAMO than I do with dragons and magic. Some ideas are improbable, but others are just silly.
There are. I can think of one of the freelancers off the top of my head that's from Texas and I know that others have friends from the area.

On the situation, well after they tried being an independent republic and getting their asses handed to them, they had to swallow their pride and ask to rejoin the CAS. And in that they're just one state amongst the group, the rest of them aren't going to commit possible economic and military suicide just because they ask. Although the Sons of the Alamo are trying to get things moving along and turn the current cold war hot, with a fair bit of success.
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