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Gordan Green
Can anyone direct me to where I might find cheat sheets for combat, magic, etc.? Thanks in advance.
Luke Hardison
Are you looking for freebies? I don't know any of those off the top of my head.

The GM Screen, packaged with Critters, has a pretty good do-all cheat sheet for basically everything, but it's very skeletonized.

I personally just photocopy all of the pages in any book where there's charts and tables when I want something to keep at hand when I'm GMing.
DigitalMage has some very good ones. I don't know if they are on the internet. Send him a Personal Message, and he might share them with you.
Ol' Scratch
What kind of a cheat sheet are you looking for? A summary of the procedures you need to do to perform various actions like summoning a spirit or attacking someone in melee combat? Or just a list of tables and page references for various rules? Or something else entirely?
The big one I can think of is a summary of electronic warfare and vehicle combat.

that would be handy.
Yes, it would, but only if we find a person with the necesary ammount of mental stability to survive the task of creating it...
I could probably create one. Creating one that would be any less arcane than the rules themselves, now, that would be a challenge.

Luke Hardison
I'll second the desire to see a simple canon procedure breakdown for vehicle combat and electronic warfare. Right now we're using a highly abbreviated set of rules since I don't have any players with a VCR.
I have a old summary of MIJI from Rigger2 that runs at about 1 and a half pages from memory (pretty comprehensive).

However, my current version modifies R2 or R3 somewhat in an attempt to make a uniform and streamlined set of electronic warfare rules that apply across the spectrum, so to speak. It could do with some help.

As for vehicle combat, buggered if I know how it works.
I have a rigging cheat sheat (with MIJI), 1 sheet with weapons range (Raygun modified though I think) and M&M visibility chart, CC martial arts manoeuvres, Matrix searches from Matrix and a 2 page complete magic cheat sheat.

Anyone wants anything, PM me.
One time I photocopied all the relevent tables for vehicle combat and taped them to a couple sheets of paper and wrote instructions to myself in the inbetween spaces. Didn't take too long and worked pretty well.

There are mage/shaman/wujen cheat sheets to be found in the back of The Shadowrun Supplemental - Issue #11...

QUOTE (OurTeam)
DigitalMage has some very good ones. I don't know if they are on the internet. Send him a Personal Message, and he might share them with you.

They are now. get them from my quickly put together site here.

And I have rules written up for just about evert aspect of the game, all nicely cross-referenced to book with page numbers. However I couldn't give those out for fear of copyright infringement. smile.gif
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