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Full Version: New Group and old modules
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Say I was going to be running a new group of SR players this weekend, after teaching them how to play, make characters, etc.

I've already decided they would be limited (for the time being) to gear and cyber contained within the BBB. In keeping with the Quick Start Rules, I won't be allowing any deckers or riggers yet. (Unless one of the guys has prior-SR experience). I was going to run a few sessions, and if everyone kept interested and willing to learn the rules away from game time (i.e. on thier own), then I would get everyone to create new characters (keeping the karma I had awarded) and open up everything (well, the general stuff anyway).

I think I will allow Priority and Sum-To-Ten build methods for now.

What I am wondering, is if there is a website or something where the older modules stats (NPCs, etc) have been updated to 3rd edition rules and gear, before I start doing it myself.

I know Food Fight is in the First Run book, but how are the other missions in that book for newbies? I have the book, but I've never read past Food Fight.

Also, any links or personal cheat sheets anyone has or can direct me too for new players use would be appreciated.

Also, I have a pile of old SR minis, but I was wondering if I should bother using them for now with the new players, or if just describing stuff would be fine until everyone gets a head for the game?
As of right now, I don't think that there's been any reprinting of the old modules. There's been talk of redoing some in pdf format. Also mini's work best if you have maps.
Let me clarify my post smile.gif

I have the old modules, but what I was asking is if there has already been work done converting the old NPCs in them to 3rd edition.

For example, someone has converted the old elf hitman guy from Bottled Demon to 3rd edition skills/gear/etc.
It should be a slow night at work, I could probably crunch a couple tonight.
A quick way to run old NPCs from the books in a 3rd edition game:

Raise all Human attributes, Reaction, and Combat Pool by 1.
Raise all Meta-human attributes and Reaction by 2, Combat Pool by 3.

Run their Firearms skill and Etiquette as they were back then, same with specializations and concentrations.
Use 3rd edition equivalents to spells.
Give them any knowledge skills, on the fly, that enhance your game.
Run all gear by third edition stats.
Hm, why the raises OurTeam? Just out of curiousity. Simulating the higher-power of 3rd edition or something?

I guess for the critical NPCs, a remake is in order in any case. Too much new cyber/bioware to wing it quickly smile.gif
When I look back at the early books, the NPC attributes are often low compared to what I see in PCs today. Yes, third edition increases attributes, typically by 3 or 4 points, for priority B through E, compared to earlier versions. I rounded up to simply say increase attributes by 1.

NPC Metahumans in first and second edition were priority "A", which is two or three steps higher than what we use in third edition. To compensate, I'm suggesting an additional increase of 6 points for attributes (split 6 ways), which is equivalent to a two step increase in Attribute Priority.
otaku mike
Sorry for the out of topic reply, but I always feel something doesn't fit when I hear or read "module" applied to SR books eek.gif . Blame it on too much D&D bad memories...
Yea, but to me, "missions" doesn't really fit and neither does "adventures". So I say modules smile.gif
Use the characters as a concept... But definately throw out the old stats and rebuild them to your liking.

There are characters that, by the descriptions, should be cybergods and be hell on wheels with skills of like 3's and 4's and their only cyberware is a smartlink. The NPCs, frankly, suck. I just ran Dragonhunt for *2* players (highly tweaked, of course), and neither is all that combat oriented. One's an ex-Otaku Decker with the Infirm Flaw, and the other is an Adept Detective. And neither of them were the least bit frightened when, after the module was over, I showed them the original stats for Blackwing and his team. In fact, they laughed. The only thing that amde them nervous at all was the Trolls PAC.

Jazz them up as needed, give them some real skills and abilities, and tailor them to your PC's needs. Frankly, you should be doing that anyways. A challenging NPC for one team might be total cake for another and certain death for yet another. the only thing that matters is the overall background and personality of the NPC, and those sometimes hold up well, or at least can form the core of a decent NPC. As it stands, the PC's see Blackwing's crew as a serious threat who they don;t want to go head to head with without some more muscle, and the Decker definately wants some revenge on The Persuaders' mage. So theyve shaped up to be some fun reoccuring bad guys ork.gif

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