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Full Version: Who wants to crunch a poor Rigger for me?
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Here's the deal. My on-off-off again RL group is on again (for now at least). I've put some new restrictions on them for character creation and they got a little miffed. I explained that until they know rules better, they shouldn't get mucked down in numbers crunching. I suggested we start with some low level runs. I say suggested b/c I wanted them to have some input since I don't want to turn them off agian. By low level I mean I suggested a Resources cap. That way, they don't feel the need the buy all kinds of fake IDs and electro gizmos that they don't know how to properly use and b/c they don't know how to use them, they will (or have, in some cases) get burned when trying to employ them. For instance, last time around the anti-social sam couldn't think of anything else to spend his cash on so he bought a few months of High Lifestyle. Sounds good in theory but it got might messy in the application phase. Long story, it relates to the "StufferShack" incident if anyone remembers me whinning about that.

Anyways, they promptly--but politely--told me where I could stick my idea. I asked why they felt that way and was told something to the effect of they can't make a decent character w/o lots of money. I scoffed. They challenged me. I rose to the challenge. I cranked out a group of characters that were inline with the character concepts they had been kicking around: a combat mage, an elf sam, and a light sam face. But I still need a rigger. I was hoping you guys could help.

I can post the others here if you guys REALLY want to see them.

I don't have R3 but have access to it. The player in question wants to be a rigger so rushed right out and bought R3 (didn't bother to pick up a copy of the BBB, but what are ya gonna do? At least I know he's real interested wink.gif). He and I have discussed it and he wants to be primarily a wheel man that is light on drones--a coupla spotters or so plus one air and one ground assault drone. i figured I could handle that.

That being said here's the limits I used when making my "team":
*I used the BP system for creation (but I probably shouldn't have considering I'm trying to keep it simple for the new players but whatever.)
*The characters I created had a "semi-flexible" Avail:6/Rating:6 for gear. (I'd have to check, I really got into the light sam/face). I wanted to show them I could make a character that is still effective w/o relying heavily on a "bag of tricks"
*Full Magicians, Aspecteds, and PhysAds get a max of 90k.
*Sams should stick to this as well unless at least some of the cash is going into contacts--a la the light sam/face--in which case they can go up to 200k (I'm pretty flexible on this for them but the elf sam I made was w/ 90k).
*I didn't make a straight Face but I figured 200k for them sounds about right, too.
*Riggers: Uh....well, I was thinking 200k but I don't know if that's doable. So, let me know.

The rigger needs to have a vehicle that can haul all the guys around but, as my player put it, "still have some balls..." Some sort of SUV or performance sedan? There's only 4 of 'em.
Multiple vehilcles are fine as is having a shop stashed somewhere.
None of the characters I made had any Aphaware but that was mostly for cost reasons.
The elf sam "only" has Wired 1. I was thinking the rigger should only have a VCR 1 but given the relative cheapness of the VCRs I'm not too concerned about it.
I'd perfer the race to be human or ork but that's not carved in titanium.

Remember: these guys are new and I don't know R3 that well so anything you put up here, I have to be able to explain to them and appear to know what I'm talking about while doing so. wink.gif

So, can you guys help?
Ol' Scratch
This was just thrown together really quickly. I didn't bother calculating his gear costs, but I doubt if I blew more than 200kY on it. But if I did, feel free to adjust as appropriate. I tried to keep him pretty bare-bones with a street vibe, but because I had a ton of skill points to blow I made some of 'em higher than you'd expect. Again, feel free to adjust as appropriate.

Concept: Ork Wheelman (You should make him a dwarf... they get all kinds of bonuses. Woot!)
BP: Magic 0, Race 5, Attributes 58, Skills 43, Resources 15, Edges 2

Edges: Bonus Attribute Point (Intelligence)

Attributes: Body 6, Quickness 6, Strength 6, Charisma 3, Intelligence 6, Willpower 6

Active Skills: Cars 6, Cars B/R 6, Electronics 6, Electronics B/R 6, Etiquette 2 (Street 4), Gunnery 6, Intimidation 2 (Physical 4), Shotguns 4, Stealth 2 (Sneaking 4)

Knowledge Skills: Automotive Mechanics 6, Lone Star Tactics 3 (Pursuits 5), Ork Underground 5, Seattle Familiarity 4 (Shortcuts & Back Roads 6), Security Systems 3 (Vehicular 5), Street Racing 4

Language Skills: English 4 (Trog 6), Spanish 3 (Aztlander 5)

Implants: Datajack (Internal Transducer), Smartlink-2, Vehicle Control Rig 2 (Standard)

Vehicles: G-W Nomad SUV (with Concealed Armor 6, Engine Customization 2 [Load 2], Photovoltaic Chameleon Paint, Morphing License Plate, Transponder Library 6, and Pop-Up Micro-Turret with Ares Alpha or Shotgun of choice), GM-N Doberman Crawler Drone, A.S. LDSD-41 Mini-Blimp Drone. Customized as you see fit.

Notable Equipment: Lockpick Gun 6, Microtronics Kit, Remote-Control Deck 2+, Sequencer 6, Vehicle Shop.
That's great! Just looking at the numbers, it'll be easy for me to show that he has a background too. Thanks! smile.gif
Edit: JESUS CHRIST. I can't believe I missed THE NAME OF THE TOPIC. I just read the post as "Yo. Min/max under these rules kthx?" and somehow a bunch of wires got crossed. My gut feeling was right. If an admin stumble across this post, just put the rest of it in a spoiler tag. That particular feature doesn't seem to be in the bbcode help section. Skip the rest of this post, I'm just leaving all of this this here so the post after me makes sense.

Mr. Shotgun Cyberganger

Attributes: Body 9(12), Quickness 6, Strength 6, Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Charisma 3
Derived stuff: Combat 7, Reaction 5

Skills: Arnis De Mano 5(Sweep, Sweep(Clubs)), Athletics 5, Car 4, Etiquette 3, Shotguns 6, Shotguns B/R 5, Clubs 6, Throwing Weapons 4

Armor: Secure Longcoat, Secure Vest, Full-Body Form Fitting Body Armor

Weapons: Two Franchi Spas-22 and a Defiance T-250. All of them have personalized grips, are choke modified, one of the Spas's is sawed-off(Gun mod in CC). AZ-150 Stun Baton, a Mace. Originally, it had just offensive grenades, but what throwing weapons are useful is heavily campaign dependent.

Accessories: Rangefinder, a sound suppresor for a shotgun, Gas Vent IV, Mag 3 scope, an underbarrel weight, and a concealable quick-draw holster.

Ammo: 400 regular rounds, 100 round rounds, 50 ex-explosive, 50 gel rounds, 10 flare rounds. All are for shotguns.

Cyberware: Datajack, Eyelights, Flare Compensation, Plastic Bone Lacing, Smartlink-2, Thermographic Vision

Misc Equipment: Shotgun kit, ammo kit(Makes shot, slugs, and ex-explosive rounds), handset cell phone, pocket secretary

Vehicle: L-Z Tsarina with one of the seats removed.

Concept: Originally written for a ganger campaign with the intention of abusing the hell out of shot rounds, but to be blunt, explaining the optimal way to use shot rounds can be a bit of a PITA and involves me using charts. He's pretty much a modern gypsy, doesn't own anything he can't conceivably put in his car. All told, it comes up to ~80K, I've been modifying it as I typed so I really don't know anymore. An image link might be a good idea as would a tactical comm unit. Together, that's pretty much your budget. Makes his own ammunition. Gas Vent IV is installed on one gun and takes that one along for when he REALLY needs to make a lot of people hurt. Sound Suppressor is insatlled on the Defiance T-250 and is for being kind of quiet. The last one is for getting past guards. Note that the only times he will ever suffer vision mods are in Total Darkness for +2, heavy smoke/fog/rain for +1, and thermal smoke for 8.

When in melee, he hits people with his shotgun using Knockdown attacks. Then he either shoots them or hits them some more. Same thing when he doesn't have a shotgun - He knocks them down, then beats the crap out of them.

60: Attributes
42: Skills
10: Resources(90k)
5: Ork
2: Quick Healer(-2 all healing TNs)
3: Toughness(+1 damage resistence tests)
1: Resistance to Toxins(+1 body vs drugs and toxins)

This character is a worthlses, pointless hackjob that makes me cry because I have teh distinct feeling if I ever took it into play I'd find out how much it sucks.
Person 404
Am I missing something, or can this guy not rig worth a damn?
Jason Farlander
What about the car, gunnery and electronics skills of 6, combined with a vcr2, makes him suck at rigging, exactly?
Ol' Scratch
Pretty sure he was talking about Modesitt's accidental non-rigger. smile.gif
The rigger needs to have a vehicle that can haul all the guys around but, as my player put it, "still have some balls..." Some sort of SUV or performance sedan? There's only 4 of 'em.

If you're willing to bend the availiability a bit, I highly suggest the Bulldog StepVan as your generic Shadowrunner vehicle. The Security variant is decently well armored; and a full kit of morphing license plate/library transponder 4/chamelion paint comes in at only 63,560 nuyen.gif . Without those 3 devices, your vehicle will not last long in the shadows.
Jason Farlander
QUOTE (Doctor Funkenstein)
Pretty sure he was talking about Modesitt's accidental non-rigger. smile.gif

Ahh... gotcha. Didn't notice the chronology of Person 404's posting time and Modesitt's editing time. Please disregard my original post..
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