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Full Version: Sixth World Map
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Slightly odd question, but I don't suppose anyone knows or recognises which particular map if any Wordman used when making his Sixth World site? Thanks.
Ol' Scratch
Nope. But you can find a ton of all types of world maps here.
Oh yeah, but I was mainly looking for the base map he used when creating the site. Preferably with the countries still outlined since it'd make it easier. Since Lester's is pretty much out of date now- Libya should have gone to Egypt, Sudan is independent, Tunis should be there etc.- or just plain wrong- he's used Guyana when it should have French Guiana two countries over- I was thinking about trying to do an accurate version. :/

Edit: And another glaring inaccuracy just noticed, he's given the Falkland Islands to the bloody Argetines. Like that'd ever happen. smile.gif
The original map came from Map Resources. The product I bought at the time (over ten years ago almost now) was cheaper than their current sets. Licence terms were great (could re-distribute as long as it was not in editible vector form).

You can currently buy individual maps from them, so something like this is what I started with: mercator world

Of course, if I had to do it all over again, I would build the map using GMT, so that I could render maps in any projection/perspective/scale. I keep threatening to do this some day, but probably never will.
Personally I prefer this site for reference maps of all types from World down to individual cities in some cases. Not only does it have current ones but it also has some nice old ones too.
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