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Full Version: Zombie Damage Mechanic
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The Question Man
Hoi chummers, I was just reviewing the "Hunters of the Sixth World Redux" thread and wanted to know how resitant to damage Zombies like those of Resident Evil respond to damage?

Way back in my DnD day Cutting and Impailing Weapons did less Damage to undead and Crushing Weapons or Magic were the way to go.

Do you just go for discription of Damage done and a modifiers to Physical Skills?

What would you do?


Ol' Scratch
If it came up, I'd probably treat them as if they had an activated Pain Editor. Stun damage wouldn't have any noticable effect on them, and while Physical damage would, they wouldn't actually feel any of it or react to it until they were "dead." I'd probably throw in the equivalence of a Platelet Factory and Trauma Damper (yes, I know it doesn't normally work with a Pain Editor), too, effectively reducing almost all damage by one box.

But unless they have some phenomenal mental attributes (doubtful) or means to resist magic (also doubtful), any competent magician with an area-effect spell will likely rip right through them as if they weren't there.
northern lights
my gm ran us through something like this and just made them all ghouls mostly dumb ghouls controlled by a free spirit. same atmosphere great game session, even though my POM physad lost her only point of magic power.
Regeneration. You only take them down with that lucky head hit. Other injuries don't matter.

Or, immunity to normal weapons - the zombies soak and soak and soak, but damage (when it gets through) will accumulate, unlike regeneration.

For the easier-to-kill zombies (for the splatterfest sessions), Dr. Funkenstein's bioware suggestions are good ones. A good assault rifle hosing will end a zombie, but they can shrug off casual damage.
Make sure to describe chunks of flesh splattering and tearing off as the non-critical damage hits.

For real giggles, have some of the splatter hit the runners, and let them know later on that, where the bits struck them, their skin itches.


My zombies are based, somewhat, on return of the living dead. In the movie, complete destruction of the body was the only way to stop the creatures. In my game near destruction would stop them. You could also slow or stop a zombie with a good called shot to a leg or hip or head. Zombies still functioned after the head was removed, but were pretty much useless (no biting, heavy penatilies to all actions, etc.) It was worth it for the look on my pc's face when they pulled off a good head shot, cracked the zombie's noggin like a rotten melon, and it kept on coming.
Mmm, flamethrowers.

Itchy. Tasty.

Vlad the Bad
I was making a Resident Evil inspired shadowrun, and the mechanic I came up was simple. All weapons did base damage only, no matter how many successes you got. That means it would take 4 predator bullets stop one zombie. This rule was intended to make the players run low on ammo wink.gif

If you wanted to be nice, you could stipulate that called shots to the head to work with successes, since its kinda accepted practice for stopping zombies.

edit-just don't let your players know that their successes aren't doing squat! It will get them in a nice fearfull and frustrated mood smile.gif
The Question Man
Would no staging of damage save for Head shots sound good???
Fygg Nuuton
immunity to normal weapons works, there are no head shotsin canon smile.gif

do you want fast zombies or slow zombies? they really make all the difference smile.gif
Well, there's the "Called Shot"

Fygg Nuuton
yea, but its not a head shot wink.gif

although if your fighting a zombie, whos only vulnerable area is the head, it becomes a head shot i guess
"Called shot for special effect", IIRC.

a shower of half-rotted brains and coagulated blood would be a pretty special effect, i guess.
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