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Full Version: Second Edition Adventures.... still good for 3 ed?
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Guess the topic says it all!!
I've never had any problem with them. NPC power level's may need adjusted though, since there is a slight difference between 2nd and 3rd edition. Other slight adjustments may need to be made as well, with regard to magic rules and matrix rules, but it's all pretty minor stuff.
QUOTE (Topper28)
Guess the topic says it all!!

They should be fine. You may need to tweak the NPCs a bit, but the plots and encounters shouldn't be affected by the rules change.
Skeptical Clown
In my experience you almost always should expect to tweak the NPCs and encounters, since the power scale of Shadowrun is difficult to measure. The only serious problems you'll run into with 2nd edition adventures is the timeline, and some of the technology. A few of the adventures have very specific dates they occur within. And any matrix layouts provided pre-Virtual Realites 2 are going to be obsolete. Other than that, there's no real problem.

Oh, some of them are wildly inconsistent with other SR lore. The Yakuza oyabuns mentioned in "Dark Angel" don't exist in any other product, for example.

The only problem I particuarly had was when an Adventure called for a particular NPC or generic character from the main rulebook, because they kind of chagned that with SR3. However, I was able to fake it.
Necro Tech
2nd to 3rd is cool by following the above advice but be prepared to seriously wing it. THe modules of course do not have a lot of background and they leave out some hugely important things. Take Dark Angel mentioned above. If the PC's want to kidnap the record exec, it says what she will and wont say and why but it leaves out little details such as closing time for the company which she owns. Does she own a car? Where does she live? What level lifestyle does she have? As no player in their right mind would kidnap her from work, you get to make up all these things on the spur of the moment. Of course, with the adventures you get to do that a whole lot with just about all of them. Try to be practical and just let the players get away with the stuff that really doesn't matter to the story. It will save you major headaches.
Bob the Ninja
Food Fight still rocks.
Thanx Ninja Bob spin.gif
So!! I actually have some 2nd edition adventures laying around, but I really canīt remember if weīve played any of them before. .....and I canīt ask them, īcause I will blow my cover then.

Elven Fire
Dragon Hunt
Queeen Euphoria

Tried to find some 3rd edition adventures yesterday! Is it right that thereīs only 3-4 new SR3 adventures out there.

Due to illness, I havenīt had the time or energy to create an adventure for the session we are gonna have saturday, so now I am looking for an either premade amateur adventure or a store bought adventure.

What can you recommend?? I am willing to buy a new adventure today so I have time to read up on it.

Would really love it if we could play a SR3 adventure.

Please post fast!!

Skeptical Clown
I liked EyeWitness and Double Exposure. Not many other adventures stick out in my mind.
Those Harlequin modules!! Any good? Heard alot about them. (Some believe they actually have legend status)

They are ok...they would last for multiple sessions for sure. A little too Horror-ish for me though.
Skeptical Clown
The first Harlequin is a great book to use in a campaign, if you can find it. Harlequin's Back is a great adventure, but doesn't really fit into any kind of shadowrun campaign at all. It's better used as a campaign closer, or a standalone.
Ok! Bought them both today so...!! The guy told me I was lucky. He just had a kid come in and trade the first Harlequin module for some Star Wars Comics!! That was this morning!! The new Harlequin, I bought from my local RPG store!! Gotta have them both in my SR collection!!

Well, better get reading if I am gonna get ready for saturday!

I recently dug back into my collection of stuff and pulled out Dragon Hunt. I thought it would be cool to run for my players cause it kind of fit with their storyline.

What i learned was that my players are more experienced than that module gave them credit for.

They found shortcuts that neither I nor the modules linear storyline thought of.

I just enede up using it as an outline rather than a regular module

Beware of linear plots and experienced players! dead.gif
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