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Full Version: Where can I download your runs?
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So, I am looking for a place where I can download or save other peoples scenarios. I mean full campaigns. Preferable with a lot of detail like the store bought adventure books. Does such a place even exist?
There will be a few things in the Shadowrun Supplementals, and people have webpages with stuff, but nothing leaps to mind. What do you have to throw in to the pile? Or was this all going to go one way?

BTW my website is Here and it isn't something I really brag about as it needs a lot of work, but feel free to use info there in your own games.
Finding a full campaign is rare. Single adventure are easier to come by.

There are some adventures on the official Shadowrun web site. See "Adventures" link

The only full campaign I know of online is the Shadowrun Missions campaign. The first two "adventures" are online at the Shadowrun Missions home page. See "Download Shadowrun Missions". This campaign is under development, and at least two more adventures in the campaign are almost ready for release.

This campaign, Shadowrun Missions (SRM), does not intend to produce enough adventures to keep a weekly game supplied, but rather to provide a world-wide campaign for conventions where players can build a character within the campaign over time, and run them at multiple conventions. There is a Dumpshock Forum for SRM. link. If you want to use the framework of the SRM campaign for your own home campaign, that's fine. However, an character in your home campaign that has earned obtained Karma, Nuyen, or Gear from non-SRM adventures could not be played at a convention SRM game.
I don't really have campaigns per se (I might have one or two...), but I have a pile of one-shot runs available on my webpage.

If you're interested, you can click my signature...

As I create more and more runs I'll probably do something like Shadowrunner13 --- that's a great resource you have there.
I have a page with rants and some resources. Soon a series of "simple runs" will go on up. Things that are meant to only take one night and be handled by inexperienced GM's.

Look forward to some ghoul bashing VERY soon.
QUOTE (Dashifen)
As I create more and more runs I'll probably do something like Shadowrunner13 --- that's a great resource you have there.

Dashifen: Thanks! I've put a lot of time into it (content, not appearance). I'd be happier with it if I could get it off geocities, give it a visual overhaul, allow for online submissions, sort the runs by type...

But, being broke and short on time, this is the best I've got... smile.gif
One day...

Hey Shadowrunner, I understand about the time and being broke thing, but if you're interested, I know of a great web hosting service that's like $60 a year! You get 330 MB of online space, like 20 e-mail accounts, and about 100,000 hits worth of bandwidth a month. They also have a great tech support crew that answers e-mails in like an hour, guaranteed. The downside to the service is that the e-mail service doesn't have a spam blocker of any kind and you have to be somewhat familiar with HTML programming (nothing like Angelfire where you practically point and click). Anyway, if you're interested PM me.
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