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So, several months ago I posted, asked everything I could ever need to know about Shadowrun (that is, other than the -rules-, of course. Just flavor/how it's different than D&D/etc.), and recently I got the core rulebook. Been reading it. Good. I have two weeks between when my friends and I quit our summer jobs and all go off to college (all to the same one). During that time I want to run a mission or two to see if they like the concept, and maybe I can get swinging in a full campaign in college. Here's the lowdown:

I only have three players, for certain, and I'm not sure I want more than that. Can do an NPC, or maybe get one more person and an NPC.

This two week "window" starts in one week. Tuesday. I'd like to start to give them the most time possible to play with this stuff. That and I know something crazy will happen and they won't be able to figure out something I thought was obvious. Always happens. wink.gif

Was planning on doing First Run, and maybe if I have time the first two missions from Shadowrun: Missions. Could also do the intro mission to Survival of the Fittest. My real problem is I don't think I can get First Run in my hands by Tuesday, and I'm not sure any of the other options (you know, that are free, or at least that I can get my hands on) are as good as what Food Fight is supposed to be.

Thoughts? Is there anyway I can buy First Run as a PDF? I would jump at the chance to do this.

Oh, lastly. Does First Run have sample characters? They are NOT going to make their own (duh), nor am I going to make them (I'll spend too much time twinking them out), but the ones in the core rulebook seem a bit, unfocused? Something.

Fygg Nuuton
well, the best thing as a first run is to make up a series of things, especially if you have never GMed shadowrun, but have ran other systems. this way you can fit everything in.

for gun bunnies you can make a firefight, if you have a rigger you can make a car chase. this way you can learn the rules better as you go, and the players can see all the fun stuff they can do. if youve GMed before, you can even make a cool story to go along with it.

thats what i did when I formed my own group. i made a snatch and grab, used a map for the facility i found online, then it was a clean break. however, the players did somehting i didn't expect, they forgot something. they had to go back, with the star everywhere. they figured they needed to storm in, and even though i would never have done it, they had never played SR before. I must admit, it was a good plan, not the best, but it was alot of fun to run.
I think most first-time players find the archetypes from SR3/BBB/Core Rules to be a lot of fun to play. As a rule, they are slightly to the side of generalists (more lower level skills with slightly weird specializations. Ahem, unarmed/biting), which gives them good flexibility and a few fun quirks to play.

A good compromise between archetypes and completely new characters is to allow each to tweak the stock characters-- spell casters can pick their totem/path and spells, while mundanes can horse-trade a little on their skills ("Launch weapons" is a great skill, it just seldom comes up in first adventures. Then again, easy access to rocket launchers is a good way to get players to keep coming back for more).

Food Fight is a lot of fun to play, but it runs the risk of being a little bit silly. You might consider making up a quick run of any kind (which fits your players skillsets, like Fygg suggested) to get them into the cyberpunk feel of SR and then springing Food Fight/First Run on them once you get ahold of it.
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