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I liked this chapter. Did it get a bigger space than the Netherlands? It could, if you were picky, be argued they beat you over the head witrh the fact the nation is made up or racist xenophobes but I liked the balance between cultural and corporate info.

Maybe we could see an alliance forming between the antimeta forces in japanese corps and Swiss factions.

What happened to EBM2? This has been a common AA corp for us to deal with

Did I miss it or was this the first reference to the UN? oh the possibilities.
Kanada Ten
Technically, there is a reference in the Cannon Companion to a brain reprogramming machine by EBMM, but it comes straight out Shadowbeat. I didn't know about something in Kage, and out of that, EBMM never got more than passing mentions. We know it used to have magical assets, produce brain reprogramming machines and occasionaly hire military riggers...
Skeptical Clown
I didn't feel like it beat the racism horse too much. I basically kind of like Switzerland, but again, I don't buy that the Swiss could have held out against the Business Recognition Accords any more than France could, but I do like the might of the financial corps. I would've liked to see more actual information about Zurich.
At the risk of dating myself, it got a big write up in the early stuff and those official 'zines. European Business Machines and Magic.
I wanted Switzerland to go further. I wanted the entire nation to be exclusively a corporate enclave, with extreme racism problems, not only towards Meta's but non whites/caucasians. I wanted Switzerland to be my cneter of the "Axis of Evil"! smile.gif

As it is, its not bad. One of the limitations of the SoE format is that you're left wanting more, but all in all I have a lot of decent plot hooks to play with here. I like that the IC post from Synner as SysOp mentions the posters overt racism, but stresses his value over it, and then there is reaction from posters. I like that.

Switzerland may place nicely into a Italy PB3 I am thinking real seriously about running.
As I've said elsewhere Kephalos (aka Richard Kaminsky) was originally introduced all the way back in Prime Runners, and when we were looking for someone who had the perfect mix of corp and biotech knowledge and the racist streak he just fit the bill to a tee (and I have a loooooong memory).

Several other characters from that book actually make cameos in SoE too.
QUOTE (Snow_Fox)
Did I miss it or was this the first reference to the UN?

I think that's the first elaborated reference to the UN. Otherwise, I remember at least three passing references: the UN recognizing sasquatchs as sentients in 2042 (SR2), the UN accepting the CAS as member in 2044 (NAGNA), and Dunkelzahn offering a reward to the first ghoul community recognized by the UN (PoaD:DS). The last one was the most obvious indications the UN still existed, considering Dunkelzahn was the well-informed guy archtype.
You also have the Tokyo Hassle in Shadowbeat, with both Tirs "damn near burying the UN with resolutions."
At the beginig you mentioned another runner who was to do Switzerland but he and his team have gone missing, was this a tip of the hat to the original person on the team to handle the swiss?
Yes, but it's more than that, it's also a tie-in. As mentioned in the AGS chapter Tell (who's Swiss) and his crew are the guys behind the Frankfurt shadowland node which got hit bad (in Shockwaves) that's why they're unavailable. There's a lot of small threads like this linking different chapters in SoE, hopefully making it feel like a single, consistent setting.
Crimsondude 2.0
Does anyone think it would be okay to continue the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2064?
Why not?
Crimsondude 2.0
Well, since tourism took kind of a dump that never fully returned. Other than that, I don't imagine someone like CrimeTime (but with actual talent) would be welcome--which only makes sence when I mention that the first time I heard about it was in a live performance by a hip-hop group that plays their own instruments.
Kanada Ten
Don't be dis'in' on da man CrimeTime!

But the festival sounds like a really great way to sneak a rocker runner team in (or do I need to spell out a rocker/media disguised team?)...

The failed tourism industry might be the reason the festival could still showcase metahuman artists, or receive government subsidizing (one or the other, neh?). What a great hook for terrorists and bodyguard games, as well.

Montreux Jazz Festival
Festival founder Claude Nobs created an event, which was to become one of the most important festivals of all, with a unique and eclectic musical reputation. Every year, up to 220’000 visitors come to Montreux in order to attend the Festival concerts split in to three concerts halls. Some musical cruises and trains are also part of the program. The visitors can as well enjoy the numerous free performances: acoustic concerts, the Voice, The Guitar and the Piano Solo Competitions, the Workshops, etc. Not to be forgotten the Montreux Jazz Under The Sky which spreads all over the town of Montreux.

For the night-birds, they can choose between acoustic concerts and unexpected jam sessions at the Montreux Jazz Club or an original club called the Montreux Jazz Café where international Dj’s enlighten the place until dawn.

The international media covering the event allow the Montreux Jazz Festival to be present in all countries of the planet. But, of course, nothing goes over being part of the unique atmosphere. Furthermore, Montreux offers an enchanting scenery, which cannot be described in mere
words and a large choice of accommodation running from nice small pensions in the mountains to five star hotels on the lakeside.
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