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My GM does not have computer access and would like to know what the general public thinks the skin color of a Night One is under their fur.
Like a naked Drow.

i would think the standard range of skin color, but remember that the skin has been covered up by fur, so they dont have a tan grinbig.gif
probably a lighter shade of the fur color. Ever notice how people who shave their heads, especially caucasians, seem to have a cast of the color of their hair despite not having hair? I can only assume it has something to do with hair folicles that have not yet pushed through the skin, since bald folks don't have that same effect.
That seem to be the split between the other players and my GM. Some think their skin tone would be a semblance of the fur color. Other think it would be the natural color for the race (caucasian, hispanic, african americon, etc...).
I am leaning towards the skin is the caucasian tone. One of the other players made a reference to polar bears that their skin is pinkish and not white ....
Ol' Scratch
Polar bears have black skin (it helps them absorb every bit of heat that gets through). I'd say they were whatever was normal for their heritage, but pale for the reasons Xizor mentioned.
They have an allergy to sunlight, so I'd assume they have very light colored skin under their fur... absense of menalin and all that.

I'd also assume their allergy to sunlight gets a lot worse when they're shaved because instead of the hair blocking the light their skin is eating it directly.
I can't help it.... I'm getting the image of a runner who goes by the name of Mr. Bigglesworth... rotfl.gif
In our game, after a very bizarre conversation with the other GM, we added to the House Rules webpage for the game "Male night ones do not have hair on their penises."

This has never been relevant, but the reactions from the players who wanted to know WTF this was on the house rules page made it all worthwhile.

(Especially since the only night one in our game is a woman. And now dead, but that's beside the point.)
I could see Night Ones getting a lot of social pressure to depilate.

Having fur may be biologically natural for them, but it's socially freaky to every other metatype (except maybe those hawaiian dwarves).

"Have you considered a facial wax, babe? You have a _lot_ of facial hair."
"A fuzzball, huh? What did your momma breed with to get you?"
"Um, no thanks. I don't even like guys with _beards_."
"You look more like a pooch than people."
"Officer? I think there's some kind of were-cat outside. It's wearing a leather jacket."

Heck, to a lot of people, even Trolls would look more 'normal'.
According to "Earth Girls are Easy", the definitive film about furry humanoids, skin color is independent of fur color, and tends to conform to human racial norms, despite differences in mana level, genetics, or planetary origin.

(for the unintiated)
I'd recommend having NightOne skin be pale, almost white, with a light tint of their fur color - no matter what their heritage.
I think it's a bit pants that they should be furry in the first place, so in my game they have the hair distribution of a normal (meta)human, but have blue (or whatever) colour skin instead.
you know, the word "pants" is hilarious even when it's used in its normal function. turning it into an adjective is side-splitting. it is my new favorite word:

"yeah, she was hot, but a little too pants for my tastes, y'know?"
"wow, this soup is pants. what's in it?"
"nice shirt, but your pants are a bit... well, you know."

back to the subject at hand. i'd go with the normal skin-tone thing. incidentally, it shouldn't be too hard to get body hair genetically removed; nekkid night ones might be (relatively) common.
Jason Farlander
QUOTE (Magusinvictus)
I think it's a bit pants that they should be furry in the first place

WTF? pants?
Luke Hardison
QUOTE (Jason Farlander @ Aug 6 2004, 04:27 PM)
QUOTE (Magusinvictus @ Aug 6 2004, 04:10 PM)
I think it's a bit pants that they should be furry in the first place

WTF? pants?

I had to look it up, too. As far as I can tell, it's British slang for 'poor' or 'substandard.' ohplease.gif Leave it to the British ...

edit: My copyandpaste-fu is quite weak.
Spot on luke,

Just like, The Bollocks and the Dogs Bollocks....

hehe, how amusing.

[/end of childish streak]
Fygg Nuuton
i used to say they had normal hair and colored skin, so people couldnt shave and be a normal elf or something.
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