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Full Version: Magic Items from previous Cycles of Magic
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I am running a game with hints at the past cycles of magic and was wondering what magic items you guys have seen or done yourself. Have you allowed PC's to bond them, and if so, how? biggrin.gif

Thanks in advance,

Steel Eyes at work spin.gif
One can always consult this. AH is the man.
That's something that has always gotten to me about SR and ED crossovers. The games use 2 very different systems that defy any easy conversion of ED artifacts to SR times. I can understand that you wouldn't want to add that much magic to SR to help drown out cybernetics. From an in story concept one could always claim that the mana level is not high enough for ED artifacts to work yet. But the lack of conversions still irks me. rotate.gif
Kanada Ten
I have an NPC with the Cronos Device. IMG, it utilizes a thorn plucked from the Everliving Flower as it's core.

Right, remember that magic is still gonna be on the climb for another 1000+ years.
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