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Full Version: Trash Totem
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Doc Hopper
I was thinking of coming up with a Trash totem but don't know how to go about it without having the shaman considered "toxic." It was inspired by the character from "The Winter Market" (found in Burning Chrome by William Gibson) named Rubin, who was a 'master of junk.'

Is it plausible to have a totem so ingrained with modern human culture?

Any input, perhaps from from shamanic aficionados and/or Gibson fans?
Necro Tech
Actually I believe that white wolf has a garbage totem in Werewolf. It should be in the Bone Gnawer book along with the All Mighty Dollar Totem. Could be inspirational.
A Trash shaman's city spirits should manifest as Oscar the Grouch. Not toxic-- just surly.

As a way of distinguishing between rubbish and genuinely dangerous trash, you might consider revising the totem name to "Kipple"-- totem of all the junk metahumanity collects, stores, and which is slowly taking over our homes.
Someone already did this, apparently, cause it's in the NSRCG files.

[ Spoiler ]
Cool. Necro Tech and I were headed along the same guidelines. Anytime I deal with totems that aren't there, Werewolf is my first resource. Just a random tid bit.
Fygg Nuuton
if you want a non-toxic garbage totem then you need the "play-doh and crayons" totem
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