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So been reading my brand spanking new Shadowrun Core Rulebook, pretty much all the way through (skipped drones and the matrix because I'll figure that out later, darn it), and the middle pages just keep falling out.

First it was just pg 186, then some of the pages around it, and now the entire set of colored pages and up to pg 195 are biting the dust. Anyone else had this problem? I have been using it as a frisbee or anything, just, you know, -reading it-. Wouldn't think this would happen from normal use, especially with just one week of reading. I've got other books that have fallen apart, but only after several years, so they've earned it wink.gif

Wonder if I could ask FanPro for a trade in...
Mine fell apart within days of purchase after only reading it as well. I went to kinkos and had them re-bind it in a spiral binding and it cost like $8 so it was well worth it.
All my SR books from 1st ed. to 3rd ed. seem to suffer this, the hardbound books seem to be the worst.

I want them all on . PDF anyways, so it's a good excuse to remove the binding and start scanning.
I've had this problem with any RPG book that incorporates laminated pages with regular paper ones. Wish we had a Kinkos around here to solve that problem for me. Really makes those books a pain to read because I'm afraid of damaging them even more. sarcastic.gif
its a great memory aid though

a master passing on wisdom to a student
"read not the mysterys of the rpg books too often, for you shall lose the pages to the erosion of time.
memorise the mysterys of rpg books, and you shall never need to read them again. but you will still have them to read"
It's sad that my first edition AD&D books which have by far had the most use are still in the best shape out of all my other books.
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