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Been watching the movie today, and noticed that the Princess was called Buttercup (if I understood it correctly, the spanish translator's pronunciation wasn't so nice), and I wondered if there were any other conections between the Free Spirit and that movie (or the book that gave place to it). Anyone knows?
Fresno Bob
Um...I think its just a coincedence.
More likely the allusion is to:

For I'm called Little Buttercup -- dear Little Buttercup,
    Though I could never tell why,
But still I'm called Buttercup -- poor little Buttercup,
    Sweet Little Buttercup I!

I've snuff and tobaccy, and excellent jacky,
    I've scissors, and watches, and knives;
I've ribbons and laces to set off the faces
    Of pretty young sweethearts and wives.

I've treacle and toffee, I've tea and I've coffee,
    Soft tommy and succulent chops;
I've chickens and conies, and pretty polonies,
    And excellent peppermint drops.

Then buy of your Buttercup -- dear Little Buttercup;
    Sailors should never be shy;
So, buy of your Buttercup -- poor Little Buttercup;
    Come, of your Buttercup buy!

Though I don't know quite what they'd be getting at. Chalk it up to an inside joke (which of the powers that be is dating a gal called Buttercup....?)
And it's the name of a flower.
Or the Power Puff Girls! Buttercup and the Pacific Prosperity Group! wobble.gif
As you wish...
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