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Full Version: Would it be cheating to play with a rigged deck?
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I was wondering if a body could rig a deck for use with a VCR. I mean, a rigger gets to spend, what, 5! points of essence (alpha grade) to be the rigging GOD, and the VCR isn't useful for anything else. The decker only has to spend essence on one tiny little data jack (which is useful for a wider range of things) to be a white hot decker. I realize that there's other things like mnemonic enhancement etc. that will add a die here and two dice there to the decking pool, but they too are useful beyond decking. My question is can one use a VCR for any aspect of decking by rigging a deck? They seem to be a match made in heaven. It might not be fair to use the full reaction and initiative enhancement, but then again, why not? After all, there is a maximum initiative in the Matrix, isn't there? Just trying to justify the insane essence cost of a grade 3 VCR.
Not within current rules.

In SR1, a character could go naked in the matrix using a program carrier with VCR reaction bonuses applied to their initiative. (Dodger uses a program carrier in the introductory story.)
No. It's stated in matrix that you need a reflex trigger for your VCR, although I tend to accept the idea of a second datajack, as in VR 2.0.

A decker can only use the captain's chair, I believe.

Besides, what about electronic warfare, CCSS, sensor enhanced gunnery, and all the things we got in R3? What about the wide use of drones and their deniability, even for the cheap stuff.

No, you can't rig a deck. You have to deck like everyone else.

rigging and decking represent polar opposites in the world of ASIST. they interfere with each other--even having a VCR implanted imposes a +1 TN to all decking TNs and reduces your hacking pool (you can fix this, as stated above, with a reflex trigger). not only can decking and rigging not be combined, they actually interfere with each other.

and, like shadd4d said, there are lots of uses for a VCR.
If some comment I heard, god only knows where, a VCR has a datajack either in addation to the VCR port, or incorperated to it. But its got no bonus to your decking...

mfb, where does it say that? Somewhere in Matrix I think?
Oh well. Thanks for the input folks. frown.gif
I've rediscovered the net-book where the Program Carrier is updated for 3rd Ed. It's in the 'Running Gear' book on the Plastic Warriors website.

If you want a rigger with decent decking ability, give this cyberware a burl.
Be aware though, by canon Program Carriers cause cancer or some other horrible dehabilitating disease, it was mentioned offhand in one of the sourcebooks when it was asked why noone uses Program Carriers anymore and they were't available for purchase.
Matrix, yes. don't recall the page number off-hand, but it's in the Matrix User chapter, under Riggers and Decking (or something similar).

edit: er, oh, you mean the datajack thing. i believe what you're thinking of is the fact that a modifying a vehicle for rigger control includes installing a datajack port at no extra cost.
Eep. No cancer for me thank you. eek.gif

By the way. You're welcome to all who enjoyed my pun for the thread title. Yes I see that hand way in the back! dead.gif
nyuk nyuk nyuk.
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