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Red Swami
I'm wondering if there's ever been a master list of all the gear in Shadowrun published so that I only have one sheaf of papers to flip through instead of the basic book, the Cannon Companion, MitS, Rigger 3, M&M, Matrix, and/or whatever odd sourcebooks I might have access to. Anything like that officially exist?
Luke Hardison
To my understanding, the most complete lists are in the backs of CC and M&M for gear and cyber/bio ware, respectively. I use printouts of those two for most of my flipping, with a couple copies out of SotA:2063 for the rest of it. There might be a few pages from MitS, too ....

Wow, that is a lot of stuff. Don't know what to tell you.
The Question Man
Oops frown.gif frown.gif frown.gif
Red Swami
WRx brought up what was going to be my next question: in theory, if someone did piece together something like that, what sorts of copyright issues would there be? Because the tables are pretty meaningless without the material it references, and it would be nice to have something like that around (at least, for me it would). The players win, and I don't imagine Wizkids/Fanpro would lose anything substantial.... But of course, I can only wish that intellectual property law worked like that. frown.gif

Oh, and same question again, this time posed for vehicles from R3. Because as great as it is having the descriptions and everything there, sometimes I just want something a little more... condensed than the pages and pages of details one has to flip through in that book to look up vehicle stats.
Red Swami
And of course, from Wordman's site:

I used to keep a list of all equipment from all Shadowrun books. FASA has asked me not to distribute this list any longer, as they feel it violates their copyright. I disagree that it violates their copyright, as I do not feel such a list would impact their sales in the slightest, but my opinion on the matter is not the important one. Since they asked, and did so very understandingly, I no longer maintain this file for the internet. In addition, I have gone a step further and asked that any site that carries the file remove it permanently.

Ah well. Life is tough that way, I guess.
grendle's on an even worse schedule then I am, but if you have a computer available, he has an excel spredsheet that has everything that you need.

If you can't contact him, let me know and I'll see if I got a spare copy of it lying around.
Red Swami
Well, actually, I should fess up: I already have a gear list and a vehicles list (heck, even all the stuff in a little MySQL database) that I've been compiling since second edition came out. My point in starting this was to subtly see if there was anything else like it out there* and to see if there would be legal problems in distributing it to others who might want it. I was hoping the answer to both was "no," but I guess I lose on both counts. I'm a little disappointed, since I put in a whole lot of work on that list and it would be make me feel a lot better about the time spent if I were able to share it, but at the very least it means I've got something for myself to consult.

*It figures Wordman beat me to it, too. I first found his site when I got fed up with the lack of good character sheets for SR, spent six hours making up my own in Visio, and then when I showed it to some other players they said, "Oh, didn't you check Wordman's site?" And of course his were way better than the things I'd just designed, the little punk. smile.gif
QUOTE (Red Swami)
I'm a little disappointed, since I put in a whole lot of work on that list and it would be make me feel a lot better about the time spent if I were able to share it, but at the very least it means I've got something for myself to consult.

I know what you mean. Some time ago, I realized how little I was getting back for all the hours I put into SR. The hours put into the equipment list alone were... well, I'd like to have them back now. Pretty much the reason I'm not that active any more.

*It figures Wordman beat me to it, too... the little punk.

You're welcome.

For what its worth, I'm told that my equipment list is floating around on some p2p networks, though it's probably years out of date by now.
Well *I*'ve never seen any equipment list on kazaa *cough cough* (alright, maybe I saw it, but I didn't download it! Honest, judge!)

FASA may have said not to publish the list, but FASA is no longer with us *sniff*. E-mail FanPro and ask them. Or even better, publish your list and let them contact you : ) Their legal department loves surprises like that.

I know there was an equipment list floating around on some site that included stuff from some magazines or something I didn't recognize (and didn't like! It was waaaay too munchie, and tough to use without the blurbs). One thing I personally LOVED was a word doc I found that had rules for making CP2020 cyber into SR stuff. I'd say making a list of non-canon equipment would certainly be very useful, and much less likely to step on toes.
All right, since TimeKeeper already dimed me out, if anyone wants my copy of a master gear list, send me email.
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