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Full Version: Ally Spirit Melee Damage
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Does anyone know how much damage an ally spirit does in melee? I can't find in any of the books (I've checked MitS, Awakenings, Grimoire 2nd edition) where it's listed. Would it be based on the spirits manifest form? Like a spirit manifested as a metahuman would do (Str)M Stun while one manifested as a housecat would do (Str)L with -1 reach?
Probably related to the base type of spirit your ally is. Remember, an ally is at it's base a Forest Spirit, a Fire Elemental, etc.
It is? Page reference?

[edit] On looking, allies have a native metaplane, but that doesn't make them elementals/forest spirits/whatever as far as I can tell. I'd just use normal unarmed damage unless the ally has a form that should do more or less damage. Then it's GM discression. [/edit]
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In the fiction, a spirit in the form of a motorcycle can reach speeds much higher than Q*3 carrying more weight than the encumberance rules would allow. Either that or the spirit had strength and quickness enough to pitch trolls.

By the rules, the shape has no bearing at all on the abilities of a spirit. An ally in the form of a housecat does (Str)M Stun, an ally spirit in the form of a fern does (Str)M Stun, and an ally spirit in the form of a massive troll with thorns does (Str)M Stun.

The only time (by the rule books) when a manifest form affects the manifested attributes is when the shape is created by the "Human Form" or "Animal Form" free spirit powers.
The summoner must specify a native plane for his ally.[...] The spirit receives no powers or abilities by virtue of it's native plane [...]

Well, so much for that theory. (Str)M stun seems to be the most logical thing.
I think that if a spirit takes on Troll Form, it gets +1 reach.
Aye i believe your right, "it has all the normal physical Attributes for it type"

Beside's that great form Spirit of Air had the form of a translucent troll (and it had +1 reach form being a great form)
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