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Full Version: What gives your Decker the shakes?
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Necro Tech
The title pretty much says it all.

1.) For you vast few deckers out there, what is the thing you fear most when hitting the average hosts.

2.) What IC is the biggest pain in your ass?

3.) What is worse, party IC or security deckers?

4.) What are the first 6 programs you buy?

5.) Will anyone actually reply to this thread? grinbig.gif
1) getting geeked while I'm jacked in by a teammate who wants to sell my deck

2) i always hated tar pits

3) party IC

4) attack, browse, deception, analyze, medic, armor

5) i did
i usually play otaku.

1.) a high Control subsystem rating

2.) Trace

3.) sec deckers, for a number of reasons: they don't have to wait for your sec tal to rise to call reinforcements; they can block your operations; they're hard as hell to find, once they give you the slip; they can act with more intelligence.

4.) sleaze, attack-d, armor, shield, cloak, lock-on. playing to otakus' strengths.

5.) i have no clever response to this.
1. While you don't find it in average hosts, psychotropic black IC stares teh bejebus out of me.

2. Probe, freaking jacking the system tally.

3. Security Deckes - they're smarter.

4. Sleaze, Browse, Read/Write, Deception, Spoof

5. Magic 8 Ball says: No. Stupid Magic 8 Ball
1) Scout or Probe
2) Scout or Probe. Seriously, these things are EVIL. You see the GM rolling dice for no apparent reason and don't know what's going on, then every time you try to perform pretty much anything, you hear a great roll of thunder as a ton more dice get thrown at your security tally.
3) Party IC
4) Sleaze, Sleaze, Sleaze, and Sleaze...seriously, is there an order I'm missing? I get Sleaze, the basic utility programs, and a good attack program at the highest rating possible, then try to bribe the GM with Jolt Cola to get a higher rated Sleaze. Then I move onto hookers to get the rating even higher. As you can tell, I REALLY friggin' hate high security tallies.
5)'re hallucenating these posts. Must be psychotropic ice.
foolish mortals. if i deigned to play deckers, my second program (after sleaze) would be the highest-rating Validate i could get ahold of. after all, the best way to not rack up security tally is to do as many of your operations legally as possible.
1.) Virtual Machines filled with lots of fake data

2.) Gotta agree with others, Probe/Scout is the worst. It makes a tame host a monster after a couple of iterations are running.

3.) Security deckers are worse -- not only are they smart, but they are more likely to recognize you personally and care later.

4.) Sleaze (detection factor assistance), Cloak (if you can't be invisible, be good at Evading using combat manuevers), Validate (legal ops, AND harder to hit in cybercombat on Orange+ hosts), Attack (gotta have one of these), Analyze (for when you really, really gotta know what's happening), Browse (or you'll never find anything -- after all, you need 3 to 5 NET successes, which is a lot harder than just 1 net success to launch an operation like downloading).

5.) I don't know... what constitutes an "actual reply" in this case?

Necro Tech
For me personally,

1.) Worms. Having to replace my MPCP would make my curl up in a corner and cry.

2.) Scout, add dice and make you bait in combat. "What do you mean the IC got 9 successes?!!!!"

3.) Party IC. I can cap deckers and not raise my security tally. Plus party IC that holds tarpit attack just blows.

4.) Sleaze, armor, browse, read/write, decrypt, spoof.

5.) Thanks for the info, just looking at how others play the game.
Ancient History
1) AI's

2) Fastjack

3) Zurich-Orbital

4) Dragons/Magic in the Matrix

5) Dr. Halberstam
When I was a decker I was afraid of nothing. Fear is a weakness, even animals can sense it. 90% of any battle is 'tude. Now I'm a mage and I'm still afraid of nothing. Also most of my time is spent as a GM so the only thing i fear then is players acting stupid and getting killed then crying like little babies that they died.

Kanada Ten
1.) The GM using the Random Table

2.) Probe

3.) Party ice are bad, but security deckers mean security personal too.

4.) Sleaze, Decpetion, Read/Write, Analyze, Browse, Commlink
QUOTE (Necro Tech)
The title pretty much says it all.

1.) For you vast few deckers out there, what is the thing you fear most when hitting the average hosts.

Since i play Otaku, Grey IC, i like my mental stats right where they are. (Double figures...biggrin.gif)

2.) What IC is the biggest pain in your ass?
Probe, Acclerates everything thats bad and are most frequently trapped

3.) What is worse, party IC or security deckers?
Deckers, Far more Flexable and sneaky, and as someone else said they can turn up at any time...

4.) What are the first 6 programs you buy?

Complex Forms... Sleaze, Attack D,Armour, Lock-On, Medic and Cloak
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