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I went into my local Comic Book/Gaming/Hobby/General Geekery store today in order to pick up Shadows of Europe. Sure, no discount off cover price, but I've been trying to budget $30 since the thing came out and I didn't really want to wait on shipping. So while I'm there, I decided to dig through the used gaming bin to see if anything interesting was there. My jaw dropped and I tried to communicate my amazement to my friend (who plays Shadowrun but doesn't really buy the books, just borrows mine) without alerting the owner to why I was freaking out. Harlequin - $6.99 Aztechnology - $5.99 Lone Star - $2.99 Denver Boxed Set - $7.99 I've spent literally MONTHS trying to get new copies of these books on eBay getting outbid on 3-4 times those prices! Hell, Harlequin alone cost me more than SoE did when I got it the first time, and it was in horrible shape! About 20 blister packs of the old Shadowrun minis (including not one but FOUR Ehran/Harlequin packs) for $1.49 each! Has anyone else tried digging in the discount bin and finding tresures like these? Or am I freaking out over something pretty common (comic store owners in it for the business and not knowing what old books are really worth)?

The Abstruse One
You lucky @#$%


You suck I searched for years to get the orginal Harly adventure and when i did find it I had to drop like 30 on it. Can say anyhting for the rest since I purchaced all of them when they first came out.

Good find...and you still suck!
I had a lucky find last week -- picked up in good condition, but used at my FLGS:

Lone Star
Corp Security
Denver Boxed Set
Prime Runners
Sprawl Sites

for $60.
Red Swami
Two weeks ago I managed to find NAGtNA, NAGtRL, and the Germany sourcebook for $20 total. And Duels figures 60% off, too--I picked a pair up just for novelty. Curiously, they had neither New Seattle nor YotC nor SOTA63, which is what I'd gone there for.

I dunno what it is, but game stores seem to have lots of used SR stuff these days. At least the ones I visit do.
Skeptical Clown
I bought most of my books when a local game store went out of business, a good... seven or eight years ago. Has it been that long? My God.

Other than that, I had to find rare ones like Sprawl Sites and Harlequin on Ebay or other websites.
The Question Man
The worst thing happened a while back. A local gaming store shut down. They had been in buisness for several years and had a loyal following. The owner was also getting out of gaming entirely and decide to sell his peronal collection as well.

I picked up each book for 5 dollars canadian each

Tir Tairngire
Tir na Nog nyahnyah.gif
The Denver box set <got it for thr Map and the Silent Stalker K-9> love.gif
The Neo Anarchists Guide to North America love.gif
The Neo Anarchists Guide to Real Life
ShadowBeat talker.gif

I lost out on the Harlequin frown.gif books, Universal Brotherhood, Maria Mercurial, and a few other adventures.

Since I lost Tir na Nog and NAGNA. Gave away the Denver Box set and earlier editions of Shadowrun.

I miss the good old days of having money. nuyen.gif nuyen.gif nuyen.gif nuyen.gif


I managed to pick up Super Tuesday, Corp Shadowfiles, Threats, and Target Matrix for a total of about 20 bucks. Of course I offset it by buying R3 revised...
Might I suggest NobleKnight games for stuff? They have both Tir books in stock. I just got a pair of Alternity books from them. Great used stuff, especally outta print stuff. And yes, I camping UB...
I agree with Lindt. Nobleknight games is a good company. And if you're low on cash the owner will sometimes buy old stuff for store credit.

I was low on cash, and sent him an email. He quoted me a good price on some of my old D&D 1st and 2nd edtion books.

Check them out.

Anyone out there ever deal with They were a GREAT company. The more orders you placed the more of a discount you earned. I was up to a 40% discount before they went out of business.

Not for Shadowrun, but for Mage I picked up the Judgment book for 6 bucks (including shipping).
You lucky guys... Spanish shops don't have a "used books" section at all... frown.gif
Try Ebay. Sometimes you can find real bargins there.
Hereabouts it's about 1600km's to the nearest gamestore (AFAIK) where they each have from 1-6 SR books (All new books except for Total Eclipse last I looked). The only national mail order shop (again AFAIK) doesn't have SoE yet. When they do it will be for about $50. Maybe I'll have to look harder...

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