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Hey, everyone's mentioned it in their reviews, and it was the first thing that popped out to me when I got it, so I thought I'd start a threat on it.

I LOVE the artwork. Much of it has a style that seems very fluid and conveys what my image of Shadowrun's Europe should be. Very dark, very gritty, and with a touch of subtle yet powerful magic. My favorite pieces were on p9, p75, p86, p91, p102, p127, p174, p221, p235, and the full-page on the Tir nA nOg section. I especially love the picture on just looks so friggin' cool...

There were a lot of images that seemed to be almost abstract in the fact that they seemed to be nothing more than black smudges (the full-page for the Allied German States is the biggest offender), but there was so much good artwork that it was hardly noticed.

Personally, though, I can't stand the style of art that was used on p231 and the full-page for the Scandinavian Union. There were a few of these pictures in DotSW and I hated them then too. Maybe it's the fact that everyone in those pictures seems to have the complexion of a 14 year old boy living above a Crisco factory, I don't know...

Seriously though, I LOVED that picture on p86...anyone know which artist that was? I'd love to get hold of a print or poster of that...

The Abstruse One
The artist is Eric Desideriu and you can find colorized versions of some of his SoE artwork here including that illo you seem to like.

I'd really like to thank Eric for doing justice to some of our suggestions - I love the coloured version of the Mist and Emanuel Salles pics.
I love the one on page 69. A troll that looks troll-sized! I'm happy! smile.gif
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