Hoi Chummers, I just read through SR Missions 3: FORCEd RECON and I must say I am very impressed. eek.gif

FORCEd RECON is a great challenge for Infiltration/B&E experts. cool.gif

The plot is well written and presented. The maps for both Players and GM's are great. smile.gif

There are ideas for everybodies schtick with reguards to surveillence, reconnaisence, and infiltration. wink.gif

IMOO the physical security is rated Elite, but only if they are waiting for the runners or have time to respond. If your group or table is high powered concider adding combat drugs from "SR Mission 2: Demolition Run". cyber.gif

The Mission Archetype is a "Data Steal". The newyen nuyen.gif is not up to the challenge, but then the Karma awards are much looser. love.gif

FORCEd RECON provided me with lots of ideas both as a Player and a GM. spin.gif

IMOO this adventure toned down a little should have been in "First Run". It has something for everybody. And I mean everybody. nuyen.gif

I highly recogmend GM's <new and old> read it. You won't regret it.

I give it a 4.5 out of 5

Awesome Dudes grinbig.gif