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Full Version: YOMI ISLAND
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The Question Man
What is happenening on YOMI ISLAND? With the withdrawl of the Japanese Imperial Marines form the Phillipines. How are the HUK responding?

WHAT's go'in on???


Kanada Ten
The HUK have captured the island and made it their headquarters after a battle with the corporate forces that remained.
Really… I can definitely see that it is time to reread Year of the Comet.

Kanada Ten
That might be from DotSW or something else, but I think Dragons for some reason.
Interestingly enough, that was my first thought as well. Masaru's chapter?

Kanada Ten
In February, in the Philippines, the Huk rebels declare open rebellion against the current government and attack the Island of Yomi which, due to Japan's withdrawl from foreign soil, is now guarded by a contingent of corporate security. The battle is long and bloody, but the Huk manage to liberate the island, declaring it their new headquarters. (Year of the Comet)

So the Year of the Comet chapter of Dragons. rotate.gif
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