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Full Version: Quick question about Cybereyes and Magicians
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Let me see how to ask this, I have an Earth Elementalist who wants to get Optic Magnification. Now, do you Have to get cyber replacement eyes (and would they work for magicians?), or can you just get Optic Enhancements in your normal eyes?
QUOTE (Hariod)
Do you Have to get cyber replacement eyes (and would they work for magicians?), or can you just get Optic Enhancements in your normal eyes?

First, allow me to say I haven't done my homework with regards to Man and Machine so I'm not 100% on the bioware that's available and the types of interaction there are for various versions of cyberware. I can say this, as I understand cyberware and essence, anytime you get cyberware the direct relationship between essence becomes quite noticable (it drops). Even magic users can enjoy the benefits of cyberware though typically don't because if you have cyberware your essence, and thus your magic, become diminished. In order to do so I believe you would require a whole new set of cybereyes (man and machine may provide more options in this capacity) and your essence/magic would be affected accordingly. I don't think you can have just a portion of your eyes replaced. Anyway, hope that helps answer your question some. cyber.gif
Yes, you can get optical magnification in your normal eyes. SR3 page 300 says "Optical systems in normal eyes have a concealability of 9..."
The text says that the optical version is required for mages with cybereyes, so I'd assume that yes, normal cybereyes are required to use vision magnification.

EDIT: But then again your mileage may vary. I'd personally ask your GM this question, as he's the one to say yea or nay. You'll look awfully silly if you go to the GM and say "But the people on Dumpshock said yes..." [/edit]

But given that cybereyes cost the same, essence-wise, as optical vision magnification, plus come with .5 of 'free essence' you can put optical mods into, you're not suffering extra for having the additional cyberware in you.

In a game-world sense, I'd assume that the requirement for cybereyes is due to the mechanism needed to activate/deactivate the optic lenses being used to magnify vision.
Cyber replacement eyes work for magicians, even electronic enhancements like Thermographic and Electronic (as opposed to optical) Vision Mag. Page 181, BBB. This is because the magician has paid Essence for them. Other technological sensors (like video cameras or a drone's sensor suite) don't work because the mage is seeing a picture of the target on a screen, not the target itself.

As for just getting optical magnification alone, without cyber replacement, that is possible as well. The various vision enhancements are available as retinal modifications. You don't get .5 Essence of free modifications in that case, however, each implant has its own effect. Page 299, BBB.

So you can do either. Both will allow your Earth Elementalist to target spells just fine. In fact, while you're at it you might want to think about Low Light or Thermo, both great advantages for the mage. smile.gif
Eyeless Blond
In practice, though, the only reason you'd want to keep your natural eyes is if you're a metahuman and have natural low-light or thermo vision, either of which you would lose when getting your meat-eyes replaced. This is mainly because the natural forms of either mod are better than the cybernetic versions. Normal humans have essentially nothing to lose getting their eyes replaced, unless you've got some aversion to chrome (in which case, why are you getting cyber in the first place?)
Wow, those were certainly some quick responses. Thanks everyone for your answers.
Ol' Scratch
It's kind of pointless, though, Hariod. By the rules, Vision Magnification has no impact on spellcasting. Ruleswise, the only thing Vision Magnification provides is the lowering of Range Increments... and that's something spells don't have. Not even elemental manipulations.

When it comes down to it, it's all a style choice.
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