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Full Version: Hustling
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I have a few players that spent the Karma to get "Pool" and "Dart" skills with the sole intent on being able to hustle folks for some quick $$. I've stumbled with generating some dice tests for the various games but nothing seems to fit what I want.

I was making each participant roll an Open Test then using that as the TN for the other players to match or beat. Maybe not the best system, but it made the players happy, best 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 rounds of tests would decide the winner.

Anyone else have any experience or system with some sort of dice tests for "Hustling" various bar games?

Ol' Scratch
Opposed Tests are about the best way to do it, really. But if they're legitimately hustling, you need to work in some Negotiation (Bluff) Tests as well, but that's usually just to sucker someone into taking a bet. Once they're in, you're stuck using your actual skill at playing to win.
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