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Full Version: [Dragons6thW] "Mr. Scale"
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Empyrean Seraph
Has any clue been dropped in previous supplements as to who the "Mr. Scale" discussed at the end of Lofwyr's file is? Dragon, man, or drake?

I'm still catching up on my SR3 books...
A little information can be found about him in Corporate Download in the Saeder-Krupp chapter, and he also appears in the adventure "Double Take" in Corporate Punishment.
Kanada Ten
Scale is also likely the drake that attempts to intercept Drake in Threats 2. Previous discussion about Scale.
Ahhh! My favorite expediter crops up again...
Scale may be infamous but does loffy have any other drakes? Lets say he did intercept that drake in the threats 2 post? Who would his name be?

Scale is also mentioned in a short merc story about the dragon who protcts lion cubs in Africa. He apeared as an Elf in that writing so yeah I would say he is a drake.
I don't think it ever out right states that Scale is a drake, but taht's pretty standard for SR. It's pretty much agreed that he is. As far as other drakes, as an example, many of the great dragons in the ED age had 3 or more drakes (IceWing/Ghostwalker as an example), so sure, he could have more, especially if he's captured and "recruited" a few of the 'bred' drakes.
Havent we used him as a drake in some of our games F&T3.0? I always thought he was?
The Question is more likely born or bred? And of which Age?
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