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Full Version: [Duels] Dice Values
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With the rumored abandonment of Duels, I was at first disappointed, but then I realized by analyzing the products already out, I could find a way to make new, balanced gear using action figure items I already had. So, for those of you interested in the point values of any certain dice, here you go:

Most of the values I was able to get by simple math, and some I got by deduction (when the dice share numbers, like white and yellow do, it's pretty easy to fill in the blanks). In any event, I hope anyone that still plays Duels will be able to use this info to help extend their gameplay.

I'm working on things for character point values too, but that is difficult due to all the variables (dials, ruler, starting dice). If you've got any suggestions as to other things I could do, please feel free to post them smile.gif
When it comes to figuring dial values, I think you'll find that Wizkids was a bit high. There's not a huge deal of rational thought that went into the dials- sometimes a character is a 4 pointer for NO reason (Nakatoah (sp?)) and other times I wonder if 4 is enough (Lothan).

So, IMHO, you might almost be better off trying to re-design the character point/stat dial costs from scratch. I've considered doing the same thing myself... this may just be a good enough reason to try, you know...

EDIT: I'm going to take a look later tonight and throw some numbers at you, I think.

Lothan is overrated at four points.

To clarify: I initially thought he was underrated, but with a Magic range of only 12 inches, Liada or Kyushi eat him for lunch on an infinite board.

I've finished my first draft of a rules revision that includes character creation rules for SRD. It's going through my editors right now, but when we get done I'll toss it up here. I came up with a system that allows the building (closely) of the characters already released, but still allows lots of flexibility in options.

ANd as for Lothan at 4 points- he's got a much deeper body dial (4 clicks and about 50 points) than Liada or Kyushi. And of course, the game will rarely if ever be played on an infinite playing field.

I'm to a point where I see Lothan as being properly priced at 4 points. I can ALMOST see Natokah at 4 points too.

Of course i did just spend the last 6 days staring at these numbers till they danced on my toes.

That's true, but the Body doesn't matter if he'll never land a hit because his range is half his opponent's. All it takes is enough room to run away indefinitely, which has been available in every playfield I've used thus far, and Liada or Kyushi can snipe their way to the win. Someone like G-Dogg can just rush and keep him diceless for long enough to destroy him, too.

And he can definitely not take Kyushi and Midnight at the same time (both two-point characters) whereas Liada and G-Dogg would be evenly matched against three two-point characters.

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