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Full Version: Essential Books?
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I GM Shadowrun with friends, and recently I've been looking to expand my collection of rules so we could enjoy the game more. I already have:

3rd Ed Core Rules
3rd Ed Companion
Magic in the Shadows
Man and Machine
Sprawl Survival Guide
State of the Art 2062
First Run
Cannon Companion

I was already set on getting Rigger 3 and Matrix, and I wanted to know your opinions about what other books come in handy. Threats 2 seems interesting, as does Year of the Comet (and I'm curious if this book is an adventure or rules).
It's a "background setting" book. It describes the events of 2061, seeding many run ideas (threats 2 deals with some of the new threats that Year of the Comet introduce). YotC also gives some rules (about using SURGE for instance).

edit: oh, and Wake of the Comet is an adventure (4, IIRC) book whose theme is the Probe Race, one of the events of Year of the Comet.
I donīt know about additional rules, adding Rigger and Matrix it seems to me that you have everything all ready. But my god man, get some of the really usefull books like New Seattle (the most essentiall book if you ask me) and Shadows of North America. Or Shadows of Europe if you plan on running in Europe.
Skeptical Clown
Your list is pretty good. The rest of the books are largely locational or situational. New Seattle if you're running in Seattle. Target:Awakened Lands if you're running in Australia. Other books as appropriate. Threats and Dragons of the Sixth World are both handy enough if you wanted some overarcing background plots, but it's probably not necessary to have both; there's just too much material to actually make use of it all. Year of the Comet is ok too; has a lot of varying information at least, for the year of 2062.
Target: Wastelands.

Nothing like a good dose of radiation to put the fear in players.

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