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Full Version: Adept book question
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I have a quick question about a couple of books. I'm interested in Adepts, and want to know which book I should purchase (Magic in the Shadows or The Shadowrun Companion). Which one has the rules for adepts of the magicians path and which one has the additional adept powers (distance strike, great leap, etc)? I really don't know, as I haven't seen either of those books, and am asking this wise community here as to which one I should purchase.
Person 404
MitS has the things you mention; the companion does not.
Buy MiTS
Kanada Ten
Magic in the Shadows has adepts, adept paths, and powers. A new book due out in September, called State of the Art: 2064, will have even more paths and powers, but MitS is more important.
Thanks for the speedy responses.

I didn't want to just blow $25 bucks and find out that it didn't have any or all of what I wanted.

MitS it is then.
I understand that the impending release, State of the Art: 2064, also has a section on adepts that could be of use to you.
SRComp has many edges and flaws that would be of high value to an Adept. That being said, MitS has everything you explicitly stated, while SRComp does not have any of it.

As has been mentioned above MitS has some additional rules for adepts )including Initiation, Metamagics and new powers) and SOTA:64 will complement that with a bunch of new powers, metamagics, some other surprises as well as lots of background material on what adepthood and its paths are all about.
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