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I have a character concept in mind for a drone boy rigger that he began his rigging life using a trode rig to control a bunch of Punch and Judys in a carnival. Very basic stuff so I wouldn't think a trode rig was completely out of the question for the difficult task of controlling muppets.

As I lack Rigger 3, are there any rules or limitations I'm obviously flouting with this idea?
It's a far cry from controlling simple animatronic puppets to drone control, but it's as valid a background idea as any other.

"I'm gonna tear you a new puppet hole, bitch!"

Ehhhhh ehehheheheh loved that episode.
it's not that far a cry, really. sending a command over the network is sending a command over the network, whether the recipient is an animatronic doll or a Steel Lynx. it'd actually be pretty good training for things like making your drones perform tasks in concert with each other. now, it wouldn't give you any experience in the way of directly controlling a drone, or anything.
I want a micro-anthro drone, dressed up like a nun, with a Fisticuffs active-soft. Nothing like a boxing nun drone....
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