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Full Version: Shadowrun PC Game in the works
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I seriously hope this guy is telling the truth about this one because if hes playing a joke he needs to be shot.

But if hes telling the truth THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!!!! grinbig.gif
Herald of Verjigorm
I found a few coroborating comments in a quick search. Either there is some truth to their modding UT2003 into SR, or they know who to lie to.

[edit]Can't find their public forums...
Sweet. Zen Diesel is the coolest guy ever. I just hope they involve the community enough to make the game like it should be. I would love to be able to knock off a street sam and take him to an in game street doc and fence off his chrome.

:EDIT: an online or at least lan function is an absolute must. Also a map/or mission editor this could really bring RPing with friends to a whole new level.
that is so old. Also it obviously never got off the ground. Besides why would MS sell the rights to some modders? and where would they get the money for the liscence and an engine? (especially ut2k3)
Herald of Verjigorm
Look at that, the post is dated 2002, I hadn't checked. Also, their web site seems to have been dead.
HAHA! well I feel a might foolish now. I got so excited when I saw it I didnt even think to check the post date.
Jason Farlander
Yeah, post dates aside, the fact that their website doesnt currently exist is a major strike against any hope I might have had of their plans working out.
The spelling and grammar of the project head's post suggests that it might be a good thing that this particular team didn't put a game together.

Even if you didn't notice the post date, it kind of dates itself. FASA? UT2k3? Serious Sam 2? Wouldn't exactly be in the loop, here.
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