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Full Version: Bioware and Magic
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So I can't seem to find where in MM that having a Bio Index Reduces your Magic Attribute, can anyone help me with this? It's making me all confused! My concern is heavily Bio'd mages and adepts.

Along similar lines, is the max Essence Index of 9 mean you can have any combination of Bio+Cyber long as it doesn't total more than 9 (and Essence <=6)? So I could have 8 points of Bioware, and 1 point of Essence spent for Cyberware? This has also managed to confuse me a bit.

Last item, I was always curious why Bioware didn't have more organic things like "Low-Light Eyes" or "Thermographic Eyes" since they natural occur in Humans/Metahumans.

Jason Farlander
1) pg 78, MM, "Bioware and the Awakened" Also, unless you have the reprint, this has been changed somewhat drastically by the errata.

2) Yes. It means that no matter what, as long as you arent a cyberzombie, you can always have 3 points of bioware, and that, in general, you can have 3 points + current essence worth of bio. Note that if you do completely fill up your essence index, you will need to have something removed if you ever want to get any more 'ware.

3) There is a bioware version of low light vision - its called "cat's eyes." Incidentally, there is also a bioware version of flare compensation - Nictitating membranes. I do not know why there isnt a bioware thermographic vision, but it is something that should exist. Feel free to add such a thing yourself.
You can have as much as 9 points of bioware and 5.999 points of cyberware and stay alive. There are just some drawbacks when the sum of the two goes above 9, but it does not (directly) kill you. Using cybermancy and becoming a cyberzombie, you can pack more cyberware, but by the rules it does not say you can go beyond the limit of 9 points of bioindex.
Thanks for the errata note that helps greatly! I do have a FASA issue MM so I suppose somethings are little out-of-synch.

Thanks for pointing those items out, I suppose I need to RTFM. read.gif
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