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Full Version: Place of Knowledged Quest
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I am sending my pc's on an astral quest.

i need a good place of knowledge task for them to complete and i'm stumped

Can anyone help a fellow GM out?
Have them answer a an ancient magical language that they will need to decipher.
Ask them to solve a differential equation by hand, or a riddle, or a puzzle...
Herald of Verjigorm
Make them solve a differential equation whose proper solution is a riddle that when answered points them to a 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
the run is on a metaplane similar to vitorian england.

its a train station. they are looking for their platform but its not there.

This is a weird one-off run kinda thingy
Platform 9 3/4?

Try, they have plenty of logic type puzzles. Or you could try and make one up yourself, something having to do with train schedules or something. (A train leaves Denver at 0900 travelling 97 kph...)
funny grendel. but close.

I would never use a real world puzzle for players, that's always a pet peeve of mine. Reason being, Odds are some players have characters significantly smarter than them that should easily solve the problem the player cannot. This is a situation that's pretty impossible to not screw the platers IMHO.
As a palce a victorian college/library, dark, very tall, walls lined with books, musty and imposing.
Just cause it's an astral quest doesn't mean it has to be pre-industrial, jolly old England. I say have him/her star in the 2060s version of Who Wants to Be a Millionairre, with a quirky robot host, and the ability to do one quick matrix search as one of the lifelines.

Victorians were fond of acrostics and letter puzzles (e.g. "my first is in carriage but not in cart" etc.). They could be in a newspaper blowing around, or a magazine lying open.

You could have the station attendants speaking in riddles. The answers will give them clues as to where to go.

You could have some kind of number puzzle involving clocks (not sure how this would work, just an image I have). Or the platforms could have weird numbers like 'root 2' and '7/5' and they know they are leaving from the highest numbered platform.

You could have a logic problem involving trains, passengers and platforms, the kind where it goes Joe Bloggs is not going to Newcastle OR Edinburgh. The passenger going to Dover is female. The red train leaves from an oddnumbered platform. etc. They could discover the clues IC too.

You can have number puzzles, logic problems, word puzzles, visual puzzles . Depends on what your players like, and are good at. If they can't solve the problem themselves, then you can just give them an Intelligence roll to work it out, if you want.
Well using a bit of everything from everyone's post, I created a language puzzle for my players.

It related back to an old book they acquired.

The place of Destiny and Spirits were the best places of all though. Showing the pc's how much they acted like jerks in a previous live and then showing all the "lives" they affected by their actions was PRICELESSS.

Thanks for the ideas everybody!!!!

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