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Full Version: Feasible magic while projecting
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Doc Hopper
Do you have to be an albino gnome to cast while astrally projecting? Maybe just need to be a good spell designer.

I was thinking of some tricks to play while astrally projecting, a spell that would make a small area wet (on somebody's pants), something that'd create a small spark, or flame, or smoke (to set off detectors, or light up waste-bins). Ignite does this but is far too draining. Maybe a spell to distract a shopkeeper (the sound of a phone going off), without risking being seen casting a spell.

Has this been tried? Can you be a successful mage and cast while projecting, without having to be a willpower/drain-resisting whore?

*edit for words, weren't in right order the"
Herald of Verjigorm
You can't cast spells to the physical while astrally projecting. You can cast mana spells at any other astral target. 6L stunbolts are great ways to mess with dual natured opponents.
Kanada Ten
I think he means while Possessing.
Crimsondude 2.0
Then why'd he type "astrally projecting?"
Kanada Ten
Because he was in a hurry from reading the recent thread and got carried away?
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