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Full Version: Cyberware: Skillwires, Skillsoft Options,
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Activesoft Biotech 10 (Option: Implant)     045,000 Nuyen
Skillsoft Expert Driver 10    1.0 Essence 050,000 Nuyen
Skillwires (Rating 5, 150 MP)    1.0 Essence 375,000 Nuyen

Result: Biotech 10 + Task Pool 10 = 20 Dice

Totals:  2 Essence; 470,000 Ұ, Biotech 10 + Task Pool 10 (20 Dice)

Is the above legal? I used biotech as an example, but any of the active skills should work... 20 dice for 2 essence and nearly a half-million nuyen. Scary.
Check the Errata ...
CED is limited to max level of 3 ...
QUOTE (Cochise)
Check the Errata ...
CED is limited to max level of 3 ...

Ok ... is that in print (in a book I can buy) anywhere? Errata is nice and all, but until it is published it has an air of 'internet' about it which undermines its authority as a reference.
Well it is official and it will appear in the latest printing of man and machine. Persumably you just have an older copy?

On a seperate issue regarding impant skillsofts. What are people's views on switching them on and off. In the text its clear that they can be switched on and off by someone but its never mentioned that you can do it yourself. Obviously you might have another chipjack and want to use other activesofts in your skillwires at times so can a user switch it on and off himself (the text sugests that they were designed as a way of control from other people but I am assuming you can control it yourself) if so is it DNI enabled? A remote switch? Any ideas?
the page linked to is the official errata sunrunner, if its there its as if it was in the books.

allso, from that you posted the skillwire system is only level 5. that means that all chips plugged into it cant total any more then level 5 so your level 10 activesoft would just "bluescreen" so to speak (or if the gm wants to be a bit more kind, work at max rating of the skillwires)...
QUOTE (SunRunner)
Ok ... is that in print (in a book I can buy) anywhere?  Errata is nice and all, but until it is published it has an air of 'internet' about it which undermines its authority as a reference.

It is in the current print of M&M. I just got my copy last week. But it has been out there ever since that Errata page went online ...
you should also add in Enhanced Articulation (that adds to biotech, right? if not, it should) and a Reflex Recorder, for a total of 10 biotech +3 task pool +2 bonus die = 15.
The enhanced articulation would work, but reflex recorders are not compatible with skillwires.

Hobgoblin is wrong about the ASIST rating limitation - implant chips specifically state that they can be run at a rating up to twice the skillwire system's ASIST rating.

Keep in mind, Sunrunner, that you need a chipjack for that combo to function. Also, starting gear is limited to a rating of 6. So you could have a rating: 6 implanted biotech chip, a chipjack with a CED: 3, skillwires with an ASIST rating of 3 or better, and enhanced articulation (assuming your GM allows non-cultured bioware at character generation). This gives you 10 dice to roll for biotech, at the expense of Essense and nuyen that could have been used to boost your toughness or combat ability. It's still not a bad deal, really. The only big downside is that you will need to keep getting the chip removed and upgraded to keep up with the SOTA.
a shit, i missed the little fact that they where implant ones.
If used with a combat kill you could have taken 6 actual points in the skill enhanced articulation and reflex recorder (if biowear is available) and used your combat pool to role 14 dice. With non combat int linked skills you can get a general task pool with cyber wear.

When you consider the value of a rating 6 skill soft I tend to conclude your better of dropping a priority on cash and putting it into skills. I did consider creating a character with lots of skillsofts and no actual skill but skill softs are to expensive. Would work as a fast way to train security personnel however. You only need to by/write the skill soft once and copy it. As a bonus you increase employ retention du to the fact that they never develop any skills to make another employer want them and when they leave you take there procedures know soft away and they cant sell the information.

Also note that implant versions can not be removed regularly and must be put in the limited version of the chipjack presented in CC. This is not intended as a piece of tech that players should be allowed to use. It's an example of GM-tech to torture your players with.
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