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Hi everyone..

I've recently been re-reading the rulebook, and I began to consider a character that's a Knight Errant turned runner, but I've never seen any information about them other than the name (though I don't have many of the books due to a lack of funding), so I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about them?


I've also just realised I probably put this in the wrong forum, so if anyone wants to move it that might help...
Knight Errant Security Services (KE) is one of the main subsidiaries of Ares Macrotechnology. Both are headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, UCAS. KE provides security services for private customers, police services for municipalities, paracritters neutralization, and military training, counter-insurgency, crisis management and even commando strikes to governments.
Besides, KE is Damien Knight's pet-project since they were founded, so they get more or less everything they need.
And they hunt bugs and use nukes, gotta love them.

If your basing a character off the KE's and he's non-magical go for the weapon specialist as the KE's seem move of a SWAT group.
Black Isis
Knight Errant has a pretty wide range of capabilities and jobs under its umbrella. They provide anything from rentacops for corporate facilities, to beat cops on the street in the Manhattan Metroplex, to elite SWAT teams and executive protection teams, to paramilitary anti-insurgency teams (Firewatch appears to be tied to the parent corporation, although they seem to use a lot of Knight Errant or former Knight Errant personnel).

Best place for a lot of this information are the old Corporate Security Handbook and Lone Star Sourcebook, which are unfortunately out of print. However, I think some was reprinted in SOTA 2063 (although I don't have that book yet, so I don't know).

As for the nuke in Burning Bright, I'm assuming that was something that was the property of AresArms that was transferred to Knight Errant for the Chicago operation, not something that is standard issue for Knight Errant personnel. smile.gif

Knight Errant does not seem to have any problem with magical support either -- note that Anne Ravenheart, the leader of the Firewatch team in Burning Bright was a cybered combat shaman, if I remember right (she went to school with Kyle Teller, at the very least).
Crimsondude 2.0
Read CD. Firewatch is part of KE.

Black Isis
QUOTE (Crimsondude 2.0)
Read CD. Firewatch is part of KE.


Ah, my mistake then. I haven't read CD in a while -- I just remembered that I'd always seen them as "Ares Firewatch teams" not "Knight-Errant Firewatch teams", or at least I thought I did.
KE does a lot according to the old, OOP Corp Sec book. Personal Security, like bodyguards, which involves a team of 3 riggers, 1 decker, mage, adept, 3+ cybered persons willing to take a bullet for the client. They also take care of personnel security, such as internal affair investigations, finding out if runners are blackmailing empolyees for nefarious purposes. Possibilities for faces or detective style characters, psychological thinkers, problem anticipators. There's posts by a guy in the old book who used to do that job and then joined the shadows. There's physical security guards, firewatch teams, matrix security guys, security riggers, personnel people, black-ops persons, former wage mages and adepts, etc. Lots of room for guys who used to work there and now work in the shadows. Remember that a character coming from KE would have some weapon training, security procedures training, technology, just like training for the army or working at another security company, just a bit more far-reaching than the present.

A lot of the stuff I can find on KE shows their personnel, like Lone Star cops, as all having Smartlink and headware radios/commlinks (obviously not mages etc). And the latest SRM gives some guns from CC which Ares have versions of which KE use exclusively.
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