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The olympics are currently on, and I'm just wondering if the olympics still exist in shadowrun's world of tomorrow. Has it changed much? Are 27 strength cyclops dominating the weightlifting area? Divided into metahuman types for each sport? And if it's still around, in what year does it next occur?

Also, let's say you have to roll for a sports game. It's important (for example, two teams of gangers, one consisting of PCs, play B-ball for honour and glory and turf or something). Do you take the average Athletics stat to roll? Small unit tactics?
i remember reading about the olympics but i can't recall what book. as i remember, they don't allow magic of any sort, and i believe metahumans are somewhat restricted as well--don't recall the specifics.
There should be something about the 2072 Olympics in the SOTA 2064
shouldnt ther be olimpics in 2060, 2064, 2068
The last hard info on the Olympics is in Shadowbeat. Which talks about the upcoming 2056? games in Tokyo.
QUOTE (Edward)
shouldnt ther be olimpics in 2060, 2064, 2068

And winter olympics in 62, 66, 68 etc.
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