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If an autosoft is loaded into the Rigger's deck can he apply the autosoft to all the drones (if applicable) or just one drone in the network?

If only one drone can be affected by the autosoft what type of action is it to switch the program from that one to another in the network?

Also autosofts say they can be applied only to drones, but can a vehicle be affected by them as well?
Kanada Ten
Doesn't the autosoft have to be actually plugged into the drone? I didn't think you could network them.

Autosofts could apply to any vehicle that is converted into a drone (ie has a Pilot rating).
there are no rules that i know of for transmitting data over a remote-control network. autosofts only apply to the drone they're loaded into, but it shouldn't be a problem to load an autosoft into multiple drones.

anything with a drone brain and an autosoft interpretation system can use autosofts.
Rigger 3 Revised, page 99--Autosofts
The autosoft must be chipped and loaded into a drone's interpertation system either directly or via the rigger's remote-control deck.

I way I read this (and I could be wrong) is that if it is through the rigger's deck they it must be transmitted, right? Then if it is transmitted then it should apply to mutiple drones in the smae network.

So autosofts, even the preformance profile (page 99) could only wotk if the vechile is has a pilot rating?
a pilot rating and an autosoft interpretation system.
QUOTE (prettz)
So autosofts, even the preformance profile (page 99) could only wotk if the vechile is has a pilot rating?

That's correct, because even with the performance profile, if it lacks a drone brain it can't actually do anything with the info.

Autosofts are like any other bit of software in SR. they can be copied but are often loaded on OCCs witch you cant copy a copy of. If you load the chip into your deck you can then copy it over your network into any drone with a sufficiently rated auto soft interpretation system (witch can only be installed on vehicles with a pilot rating at least equal to the auto soft interpretation system) as an auto soft interpretation system can hold 3 times its rating in programs (but only run 2) I tend to copy the programs into data chips I load directly into each drone. Clear sight, gunnery and ECCM (I forget its proper name but it reduces the effect of electronic warfare) in the advent of electronic warfare you switch to the ECCM by actually slotting chips into the drones you reduce the risk of there transmission being intercepted or jammed (eg before you turn on the ECCM)

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