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Full Version: Camo Spell or Fashion Spell ?
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i am almost sure this topic has been discussed before, but i can't seem to find the thread anymore...

i understand the differences between those two spells. but let's assume:

camo spell -> drain L
fashion spell -> drain +1 L

would i be able to cast fashion and say "all my clothes look urban camo"? would i recieve the same bonuses (+4TN ranged attacks) like the camo spell?

if yes, good ...
if no, why not?

I go with the philosophy that a higher drain spell of a similar style should be able to copy a lower drain cousin, so I'd say definitely.
I might allow it... if the spell makes the clothing chic as well biggrin.gif
Yea but all those bling bling buttons and zippers will make the camo almost useless smile.gif
I'd allow it if you havea decent skill in stealth. The camo spell automatically applies the appropriate camo to make you blend in, while the fashion spell turns what ou want it to. Therefore you would need to know the proper type and color of camo to make your clothing for it to be effective.
I'd say go for it, as long as you're not dicking around with the armor ratings.
It would only work if you knew what you wanted it to look like. If you have good stealth skill or are copying a team mates for example.

You would only get the benefit given by camo clothing I don’t know if this is as good as the camo spell (I don’t think it is).

And har de har har to the zippers. Fashion can make unfashionable clothes if you want.

Camouflage is a sustained Illusion spell that constantly camouflages the person that is under spell protection.

Fashion is a permanent Transformation Manipulation that alters fabric to look as desired => All this spell can do is to recreate your worn clothes as a camo-suit of a specific type. If turn your clothes into a camo-suit you'll receive the benefits / problems as per p. 283 SR3 ...

So no, Fashion will not provide the same benefits just because the drain code is somewhat identical.
Necro Tech
But of course you can stack if you are in an area that has a camoflauge equivilant. Good for buying one real expensive suit (Chem/cold/electricity resistant) and not having to pack appropriately.
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