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I am reading references to BBB witch I assume is an SR book but I cant find one that would use that as an abbreviation. What is the full name?

Dose this site have a list of commonly used abbreviations if so where.

Kanada Ten
Shadowrun Third Edition Rule Book
BBB stands for Big Blue(Black) Book which is just a funny way of saying SR3.

What does this mean?

BITB = Blood in the Boardroom
CC = Cannon Companion
DSW = Dragons of the Sixth World (also DotSW)
FASA = Freedonian Air & Space Administration
FOF = Fields of Fire (out of print)
FPR = FanPro or Fantasy Productions
M&M = Man & Machine (also MM)
MITS = Magic in the Shadows
MRLBB = Mr Johnson's Little Black Book (also MJLBB)
NAGNA = Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America (also NAG2NA, NAGtNA)
NAGRL = Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life (also NAG2RL, NAGtRL)
NAN1 = Native American Nations, Volume 1
NAN2 = Native American Nations, Volume 2
PAE = Paranormal Animals of Europe (also PAoE)
PANA = Paranormal Animals of North America (also PAoNA)
POAD = Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets
R3 = Rigger 3
RPG = Roleplaying Game
SONA = Shadows of North America
SOTA = State of the Art: 2063 (also SotA63, SotA:63)
SOTF = Survival of the Fittest
SR3 = Shadowrun, Third Edition (also BBB)
SRComp = Shadowrun Companion
SSG = Sprawl Survival Guide
T:AL = Target: Awakened Lands
T:M = Target: Matrix
T:SH = Target: Smuggler Havens
T:UCAS = Target: UCAS
T:W = Target: Wastelands
T2 = Threats 2
WOTC = Wake of the Comet
YOTC = Year of the Comet

I prefer the abbreviation "SR3" because I am trying to communicate and share information with people that may or may not be regulars on dumpshock.
I prefer the abbreviation "BBB" to refer to the core rules because I have had the experience of repeatedly smacking "forgetful" players with the book, while shouting "Big Black Book! Read the Big Black Book!" It leaves a lasting impression.
and yet, the actual BBB was riddled with errors and misprints...when i see BBB, i take people at their word that it's what their talking about, or what some used to call their "baby" when the books were first released...only 1000 were printed, and they were quickly bought up by the most diehard fans - including myself...i remember that everyone was so proud to get them and posted which number they had gotten...

ah, the "good ol' days"...
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