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Full Version: if you live in denver and could use another player
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i moved to denver last year and have had trouble finding a group to run with. i can barely find a shop that sells more than D&D on some tiny shelf behind the comics - let alone one that's willing to let me GM a game there.

the guys from fanpro at gencon this year suggested i post here to see if anyone could use another player. i live in englewood/greenwood village. i'm glad to play, but am willing to GM if it gets me running again.

anyway, if anyone out there could use another runner (or if a few of you are GMless), please let me know.


Kanada Ten
You may have better luck in the GM/Player Registry. Or maybe not.

Either way, welcome to Dumpshock.
ok, added my new request for a game here:

thanks again for the tip!
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