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Full Version: Ed's Discount Auto's - Come and grab a deal!
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Drain Brain
Sorrrrrrry if I'm just being dense, but do "rules" for buying used vehicles appear anywhere? I looked in R3, but I can't see the wood for the trees...

I am assuming that, for a discounted price you get either a car/bike/whatever with stress points already lumped on (which is what usually happens with my cars) or with a lower that usual threshold for such points, as would represent increasing age.

Any pointers?
Thereís a section in there. IIRC, itís tucked away in Advanced Vehicle Rules near the section on subsystem damage.

Herald of Verjigorm
Page 76, "Quality Factors"

The values given are for markup alterations, "used" is -.6 to the markup. Markup cannot be dropped below .1. The car markup is 1, so a used car should cost 40% of the new car price.
Drain Brain
Thanks guys... that's me being blind again, I guess...
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