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Full Version: Ambidextery - Recoil and Strength
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Say you have a strength of 6 which gives you the equavilent of RC1 just because of your strength, would this modifier be applied to both weapons or just one of them?

You are about equally strong in both arms, so why not?

And another thing ... say you have a strength of 5 but if you have a cyberarm with say 7 in strength would that then give you the RC?

If any of answers for the questions are in the "Tomes Of Knowledge" then I appoligize. Been too long since I read them .. Maybe I should do that again some day smile.gif

Thanks in Advanced
1st question: not sure
2nd question: definitely
Natural Strength 6, both hands 1 RC.

5/7, only Str 7 arm has RC.
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