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Full Version: Vs Magic
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Just looking for ways to counter different types of magics. For example we all know tazers work well against spirits and elementals, but how do you deal with different spells? Like Glue, Ice Sheet, ect. I'm interested in seeing what you have gotten to work in the past.
Not to be too flippant, but:

"Geek the mage!" Works pretty well. If the hostile spell caster is dead, the spells stop getting cast.

Also, some Cannon Companion armor options help defeat various elemental effects.
Smoke grenades work very nicely, especially if your team is equipped with thermo. Interrupting LOS is the best way to prevernt hostile spells.
QUOTE (Chance359)
we all know tazers work well against spirits and elementals

Oh? Am I missing something here?

As for other spells, like Cain says, LOS is the key. Break it. Keep the mages under FlashPaks, keep TNs high. Levitate. nyahnyah.gif

Ah, the infamous taser = elemental effect discussion...
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