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Full Version: New Spell Idea -- Increase Running Multiplier
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I don't remember seeing a spell that increases running multiplier.

Here's a shot at it:
Increase Running Multiplier +1(S)
Increase Cybered Running Multiplier +2(S)
(Cyber version required when Quickness is cybered)

Target Number: 10-Essence

Requires 3 successes to raise Running Multiplier from 2 to 3.
Requires 4 successes to raise Running Multiplier from 3 to 4.
Requires 5 successes to raise Running Multiplier from 4 to 5.

Number of successes is limited by Force of Spell.

These success requirements are cumulative. To get a Dwarf from multiplier 2 to 4 requires 7 total and a Force 7 spell.

Drain is as for Increase Quickness or Increase Cyber Quickness.
how about just for every 2 successes, you can raise the multiplier by 1, up to the Force of the spell...then it doesn't matter what your base running multiplier is, and can be used on critters as well, which may only have a running multiplier of 1 and isn't on your chart. it also makes it conform to many of the other spells and keeps things simpler...also makes it similar to the Athletics skill for raising the Quickness...

You should also specify, for those not experienced with it, that this is a Health spell...

you should also consider what effects Athletics, if any, have on the spell - if you cast the spell on someone that has Athletics, can they then make their test to effectively increase their Quickness?? Can they make their roll before the spell is cast, and then the spell modifies the new temporary Quickness?? This goes for other things that modify Quickness for movement as well, such as rollerblades or spirits using the Movement power...
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