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Full Version: Throwing weapons not designed for it and fall dmg
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QUOTE (Cannon Companion: pg 14)
Use the throwing skill to wield a thrown weapon.
The thrown melee weapons table provides ranges for melee weapons that are also commonly used as throwing weapons; these weapons use their standard damage codes when thrown. The gamemaster may choose to add a +1 to +4 modifier to throwing weapons that are not balanced for throwing(for example, swords).

I checked the shadowrun website, but there doesn't seem to be any errata on this. The range table shows a +4 range modifier for swords and +3 for combat axes, but I find it hard to believe that something not designed for throwing would fly farther than something more aerodynamic. Is the modifier intended for the skill test? Where would clubs or improvised weapons like bottles and bodies fit into this?

And are there any rules for falling damage in the books?
That's +1 to +4 to the TN to hit, not to the range. As for falling damage, those rules are in SRComp (IIRC).

You're misreading the fine print. The range is divided by 3 and 4, not *plus* it. The font they used makes it a bit unclear, however.
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