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Full Version: John Woo physad power suite
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Wounded Ronin
A while back I wrote a "John Woo Physad Power Suite". I used it once, and had fun with it. My entire emphasis in that game was discharging the hugest volume of ammunition possible by dual wielding assault rifles and using 10 rounds of suppressive fire from each one per phase. It was surprisingly fun.

At first read, it sounds kind of overpowered. But if you read carefully, I made it so that it encourages the use of light pistols, which don't hurt anyway. Although the dual wielding power sounds very powerful, it actually dosen't make too huge of a difference because PCs could already dual wield pistols and SMGs anyway; it mainly mitigates the +2 extra penalty and gives them the option of using assault rifles for dual wielding, while all the other penalties, like not getting bonuses for laser sights and burst or full auto recoil applying to both weapons, are left untouched.

The Way of 10,000 bullets
Cost: 2
Reloading becomes a free action. Two dual-wielded weapons may also be reloaded simultaneously as a free action. Furthermore, ammunition, light pistols, and magazines do not count towards encumberance that a given character is carrying, so long as he only uses these objects for himself. Before setting out the player must specifically declare if he is carrying a weapon or ammunition which he may hand to another player, and that is applied to his encumberance. Should the physad die, the other PCs may pick the pistols and ammo off of his dead body.

Bullet Time:
Cost: 2
The physad gains the ability to percieve the world in extreme slow motion. This makes it much easier for him to dodge projectiles like bullets. Therefore, he gets 3 extra combat pool dice which may only be used for the purpose of dodge tests or the dodge after Full Defense.

John Woo Dual Wield:
Cost: 2
The physad gains the ability to dual wield assault rifles in addition to pistols and SMGs. The +2 penalty which normally applies to dual wielding does not apply to the physad. Moreover, semiautomatic recoil does not apply at all to a physad who has this power.
I have a friend that was going to make an Adept assassin and wants to use dual wielded SMG's. I'm totally going to show this to him. He'd love it! (Even though he's a first time SR)

This will float his boat, if not provide him some pleasurable waves. ^_^

The Bullet time should be 1 Power per every die to be assigned in this manner.

For the way of 10k: It also should be 1 power point for a single weapon. And an extra power point for Dual wielding to be allowed.

I also feel that the Dual wield rifles should be devided into points. As not receiving recoil from semi-automatics, dual wielding penatly reduction AND the rifle all together is over the top. I'd reduce them to levels and make it a minimum of 3 point power.

Sound about right Ronin?
cute. and yeah, if that's the look you want, it is ok. I prefer more subtely power but for the peron with that image of two pistols blazing away, especially with the high cost, it's ok.
Eyeless Blond
Meh, I'm not sure I like any of these powers. I guess the Bullet Time one is okay, but the other two are far too powerful. The dual-weild one takes the place of an 8-point Edge, plus it allows you to deal with recoil for free? Ugh. Then there's the other one, which I don't think is part of any John Woo film I've ever saw; in fact, having to reload is part of many of those movies, when the fighters have somr sort of standoff or whatever.
I did a little play testing with this, and revised your rules for clarity and simplicity.

The Way of 10,000 bullets
Cost: 1
Ejecting and inserting a clip can now be done together as a simple action.

I altered this for balance reasons. Now, just like someone with a smartlink, the phys-ad can simply reload his weapons faster. Keep in mind that unloading a gun is still a simple action in your previous system, becuase ejecting a clip and inserting a new one are differnt actions in Shadowrun. Also the bit about bullet weight is clumsy at best, and encumberance in shadowrun for light pistol ammo is seldom if ever even considered. In our testing a character never went through more thand 10 clips of pistol ammunition. This cleans that up a bit.

Bullet Time:
Cost: 1
The character may automatically add his Athletics dice to any Full Defense action he declares. This ability may not be used when wearing armor with a combined rating greater than the characters dexterity. Armor that stacks (for instance form fitting armor) is not calculated against this limitation.

This makes bullet time another form of armor. Re-inforcing the players ability to dodge over take hits.

At One with the Gun:
Cost: 1
By firing two weapons in SA mode the character may treat them as one weapon in BF mode. Use the higher weapons damage code, but the lower weapons range modifiers, if they are different. In addition the character may fire assault rifle weapons one handed, however all uncompensated recoil is doubled.

In general opening up the ability to throw MORE bullets accurately is the very antithesis to John Woo style characters. They throw bullets willy nilly, often hitting nothing. Instead they should count the weapons as ONE weapon for balance purposes. The character can still fire a burst weapon at multiple targets via the same rules. Keep in mind that a phys-ad doesn't suddenly get the ability to make shooting EASIER, he is just BETTER at stuff most people can't do. Again, recoil is not something the way of the gun character avoids, it is something he overcomes with skill.

There has been a lot of interest lately (at least 2 posts a week) on "way of the gun" characters. These abilities have lower costs because the player will still need increased reflexes and increased pistols skill from the adept abilities list. This forces him to pick and choose, getting more later when he initiates.

This is my take on it.
John Woo's Way of Suppressive Fire

2 points

Character may elect to use the "suppressive fire" rules with SA handguns, discharging a maximum number of rounds equal to their Handgun skill as a Complex action.


P.S. grinbig.gif extinguish.gif
Siege change the name to "Pencil Rain".

How about this for a flaw;

"Hands to Steady" -2
Characters with this flaw face a +1 target number to each action they spend aiming. The GM secretly add this modifier. It can be removed if a character spend a simple action to clear his mind. (Think of Tequila shooting the bullet).
I was, for the most part, joking - it's a wonderful bit of cinematic drama, but it doesn't fly in the face of the SR mechanic.

Although people have been known to empty a handgun magazine in seconds. grinbig.gif

Alternate name, "Lead Falls Like Rain" technique. And on a side note, didn't someone convert the marksman schticks to SR techniques at some point?


Edit: Tequila shooting the bullet always struck me as an act of "Centering" rather than it's own technique. grinbig.gif
I always saw it as he thought of himself as trying to hard, and decided to just do it.
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