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Full Version: Price per dose for Neuro stun VIII
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Price per dose for Neuro stun VIII

By looking at the cost of a gas grenade (60) and a smoke grenade (listed as similar to a gas grenade but no chemical 30) and the number of doses of a chemical in a splash grenade (10 doses) I calculate the cost of a single dose of nuuro stun VIII at 3 nuyen ([60-30]/10) as the gas grenade covers more aria than a splash grenade it should probably be cheaper but I think this is to cheep already (nuuro stun IX is 20 nuyen per dose).

Maybe I missed the price somewhere but if I have this stuff in capsule rounds at a base price of 40 nuyen per 10 rounds availability 8 and street index 2 (as the grenade the capsule rounds being easier to get) I find the cost and take down factor comparing favourably with every other form of ammunition especially when used in a 3 round burst. Every other drug is excessively expensive. Even Neuro-stun IX witch is the dame damage code but neutralises faster is 20 nuyen per dose.

Page references.
Gass grenade SR3 283
Neuro-stun VIII SR3 250
Capsule rounds CC38
Neuro-stun IX, X MM 121
Splash grenade MM 117

QUOTE (M&M eratta)

p. 158 Drugs and Pharmaceuticals [3]
Neuro-stun VIII was left off the table. Add the following line:
                          Availability    Cost        SI      Legality
Neuro-stun VIII      4/24 hrs      20        1.5      6P-X
Obviously the manufacturer of the gas grenades is buying in bulk and gets a better price than PCs do.

The take-down factor for a three-round burst of capsule rounds with DMSO and Neuro-stun 8 is as follows:

Capsule rounds act like Gel Rounds doing 8M stun (assuming they are fired by a 7M-damage SMG). Extra successes from shooting stage this up as normal. Impact Armor applies. Damage is right away.
(CC.37 for Capsule, SR3.116 for Gel, Errata for Impact Armor applying)

The Neurstun 8 will do 7D stun at the end of the combat turn, with 1/2 impact armor applying. Extra successes from shooting do not apply.
(SR3.250 for 6S base damage, MM.106 'Additional Dosage' for a 3-round burst raising it to 7D, MM.106 for 'Exposure Via Weapons' rule indicating that 1/2 impact armor applies and extra successes by shooter not affecting the drug resistance roll)

If a second burst is fired before the end of the combat turn, the target resists the Gel-round affect, and the drug dose power level is increased to where he'll have to resist a 10D at the end of the Turn.

Most Shadowrunners, in my experience, are dismayed at the thought of taking someone down at the end of the turn. They'd rather use EX explosive and take the target down now.
I would have expected it to be cheaper than Neuro-stun IX. Without considering the grenades I would have guessed 15. it doesn’t matter.

What makes the gas grenades so cheep? I would almost want to declare the listed price a delivery system only requiring 10 doses of any inhalation vector chemical to work.

OurTeam types fast

Where dose it say damage is applied at the end of the turn. I assumed immediate meant immediate. Nether the section on diseases and toxins in SR3 p 149 nor drug rules, speed or damage code mention any delay.

Also when considering takedown factor it is worth noting the +2 to all target numbers even if they successfully resist. If you fail to take them out at least they are less likely to hurt you back. And when compared to any other non lethal use of a fire arm they are all good.

NS-VIII and IX are equally useful, in different situations. VIII lasts for 10 minutes, allowing you to block off an area for a decent length of time; IX dissipates after 1 minute, more useful for assaulting. neither is better than the other, ergo they're the same price.
For Neuro-Stun VIII:
QUOTE (Neuro-stun VIII @ SR3.250)
At the end of the turn during which the character is exposed to Neuro-Stun VIII he suffers Stun damage.

For Instantaneous Affects:
QUOTE (Body Resistance Test @ MM.106)
If the drug's Speed is instantaneous, the character resists it at the end of that Combat Turn.

I find no description for Speed "Immediate", but interpret that to be the same as "Instantaneous". That's just my interpretation.

The time between exposure and rolling the Body Resistance Test is the time during which an antidote can be applied.

SR3.250 has 4 drugs.
Neuro-stun VIII says Speed is "1 Combat Turn" and the description says it takes affect at the end of the Combat Turn.
Fugu Family says Speed is "Instantaneous", and MM.106 says that you roll to resist Instantaneous affects at the end of the Combat Turn.
The other two are "Immediate".
Go Figure.
End of the combat turn is fine with me when the other guy is some super high body troll with a lot of ballistic armor layered on, though. I mean end of turn may be sooner than you could get him otherwise.

Besides: won't the other guy suspect he's been drugged when these little capsules burst all over him? What would your character do when that happened? Personally, I'd reach for the antidote patch and failing that start running like hell.

You don't have to incacitate the other guy to win, after all. You just have to cultivate the appropriate mindset in your victims smile.gif
A friend that played SR before me just pointed out to me that many of the drugs listed as Immediate where available in 2nd ed and affected the target on the action they where exposed. Perhaps this should still be the case.

Also s the +2 to all target numbers applies even if you resist all damage antidote patches (other than those specifically designed for the drug in question) only give you a bonus to resist the damage. If you weren’t going to kill the guy anyway a moderate stun and 2tn is better than a serious wound.

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