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Full Version: Miami, the Big Easy, Bangledesh, Venice, and Sea L
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Miami, my home town, get the occasional mention in the Sr books. The Srs books go out of their way to state that there've been a lot of ecological disatars. Here's the question, is it ever mentioned if the sea level has risen? In Miami, even a 2 foot rise would be a problem. 3-4 feet would flood half of the state.
As far as I know, a sea level rise has never been mentioned. Things like the Black Tide in Europe devastated the Lowlands because storm surge brought it up over the dikes, not because the sea level rose.

None of the maps I've seen or descriptions of Boston, New York, etc., seem to indicate it. I always knew Global Warming was a crock smile.gif
Crimsondude 2.0
Unless something occurred to Miami since Cyberpirates!, it's still just a regular Hellhole.
Skarn Ka
QUOTE (Crimsondude 2.0)
Unless something occurred to Miami since Cyberpirates!, it's still just a regular Hellhole.

I can't remember if it's in YotC, Threats 2 or another book, but IIRC tidal waves laid waste to one or two thirds of the metroplex. Add to that the fall of AA-corp Gunderson and by '63 Miami must be a nice mess.
Incidentally, did they mention if the everglades is an awakened land? It's the only wetland of its kind in the world, a shallow slow moving river which covers half of south Florida (It used to cover some 80% of south Flroida but that's a seperate issue). If you look at the Shadowrun map of north america, the Carribean League/CAS border lies at about Fort Lauderdale, south of lake Okechobee (The big lake in the middle there) The everglades run from the lake down to the nd of the state. If the everglades are an awakened land, then it's awake and straddles the border. Must make the Aligator Shaman smugglers very rich, eh?
Actually they tend to refrain from that. Seem to spend most of their time guarding against poachers and telesma smugglers according to Cyberpirates.
They don't ever say if its Awakened or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. If you look at the maps from PaNA (if you have it) then a lot of nasty awakened critters live there (they might have similar things in critters, don't know 'cause I don't have it). Like the Behemoth. And the Lambton Lizard, et al. eek.gif
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